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In my own country, the Philippines, about 3,500 new cancer cases will be diagnosed yearly. Only 1 in 5 children will get effective treatment, mostly as paying patients.The abandonment of treatment is at 80%, and barely 2 in 10 children survive.

Without any hesitation, I contacted the person in charge and booked the shoot.But never entertain the idea of giving up.” His message to children still fighting: “Look at people who love you and use this to inspire you not to give up but to live for and reach your dreams!” Renz was the first one I photograph and I wanted to start with a very simple setup.I handheld the speedlight and aimed it towards his eyes to get just a spot of light in his face. Alvez, 19 Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, cancer free since December 2011 When one reaches a double-digit age, you feel you have a whole life ahead of you. I believe I could get better, and I just prayed and entrusted everything to God.” As a competitive gal, Kessa was saddened when she kept from competing for honors in her school.The best times are about to begin — of being a tween. At the age of 11, she was diagnosed with ALL, and her life was thrown into a different world. What she did not realize was she was competing in a bigger fight called Life.My Child Matters, a joint program of the Union for International Cancer Control and Sanofi Espoir Foundation, is driven by a most noble cause: The reduction of inequalities in the treatment of childhood cancer worldwide.

Since 2006, it has funded efforts in the country to raise awareness among professionals about the early signs of childhood cancer.

For this shot, I turned off the two studio strobes pointing at the background.

I then faced the big softbox towards Seve, 45 degrees.

This was difficult but I knew I had to do it.” The whole experience kept building Aliya’s strength of heart.

For the rest of the family, it was difficult to see their daughter suffer, especially when she was having treatments that involved needles being inserted into her back, but the whole family had to be strong for her.

When the doctor finally explained what cancer is, Katherine felt her world crumble. “Ramielle was just a baby, and I could not understand that babies can have cancer.