Pros cons dating programmer

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Pros cons dating programmer

The specialty carries its own set of stresses, but can be very rewarding monetarily as well as in pride of accomplishment.Software engineering pays well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

More from Portfolio Perspective: Advisor jury still out on active management Bond investors must adjust their expectations Are your investments really diversified enough?"So anyone investing in these funds, especially the farther-out years, needs to be prepared for a lot of volatility." Watch out for fee padding, he added."The gold standard is Vanguard, whose fees range from 0.14 percent to 0.16 percent," Stark said.Debugging programs brings its own level of stress when problems are difficult to find and fix, which can delay the timely implementation of software.Most software engineers work 40-hour work weeks, typically from 8 a.m. Occasional project demands may require overtime and weekend work.Application developers write software that will be used by end users, such as accounting and customer management systems.

System software developers write operating systems or system utilities that are primarily used by technicians or computers themselves.

Some software engineers leave the work environment to go out in a support role on customer calls.

Some companies provide diversions such as game rooms to relieve some of the stress that accompanies software development.

Target-date funds offer a simple way for investors to allocate investment dollars for the long run, but as with everything, the devil is in the details.

Several financial advisors offered their thoughts to CNBC on the pros and cons of using these types of funds within 401(k) plans.

Pros "Target-date funds are very easy to deal with for automatic enrollment for the employer, helping them serve their fiduciary role," said James Gambaccini, certified financial planner and managing partner of Acorn Financial Services.