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These included a 3,000-year-old skull (pictured) which was found buried in an ancient pot after having being separated from the rest of the skeleton In the first major genomic study of Aboriginal Australians, researchers have confirmed that along with European and Asian ancestral groups, Papuan and Australian genomes too can be traced back to this migration.However, once out of Africa, the Papuan and Aboriginal ancestors branched off early on, with some eventually reaching Australia, where they would remain isolated from the rest of the world for thousands of years.

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But the real scandal of Hawaii is the dispossession of the native people. Since 1959, the state has refused to provide a single acre of ceded land to Hawaiians.

In 1920, the United States provided 200,000 acres for homesteading of native Hawaiians. For decades, the Hawaiian people have fought this dispossession, through courts, through continuing to practice their spiritual beliefs, through active reclamation of lands, and through constant occupations.

Hawaii has the lowest rate of owner-occupied housing in the nation outside New York and probably the tightest rental market anywhere.

Those who purchase homes have a per-capita income 370 percent higher than the average Hawaiian. government provided 1.4 million acres of ceded land to the state for public use and to "better the conditions of native Hawaiians." Since 1920, the state has settled fewer than 6,000 natives on their homestead land - 72 years of delay.

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It is based on interviews with Haunani Kay Trask, her speeches at such places as the UN Subcommission on Discrimination Against Indigenous Peoples, and interviews with Mililani Trask and her testimony to the Hawaii Advisory Council to the U. Her sister Mililani Trasl and other natives convened a native constitutional convention in 1987 to create Ka Lahui Hawaii, a native Hawaiian sovereign nation.

Since then, this native initiative for self-government has enrolled at least 10,000 Hawaiians. Tourists flock to our native land for escape, but they are escaping into a state of mind while participating in the destruction of a host people in a native place. In fact, the political, economic, and cultural reality for most Hawaiians is hard, ugly, and cruel.

Today, tourists outnumber residents six to one, and they outnumber native Hawaiians thirty to one.

On a worldwide scale, Hawaii has the greatest projected expansion of tourism, as the state anticipates a tidal wave of 12 million tourists annually by the year 2010.

Ancient DNA has revealed the first inhabitants of Vanuatu and Tonga came from Asia, not other Oceanic populations as has long been assumed The Lapita culture made distinctive earthenware pottery (pictured) and were thought to have originally been descended from the Papuans from New Guinea, but the new research suggests they were actually formed from a separate wave of migration of Asia‘Some archaeologists such as myself have argued that the Lapita culture of the Western Pacific is primarily the easterly expansion of the Island SE Asian Neolithic, that originates in Taiwan perhaps 5500 years ago as pottery using farmers.