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So they can keep tabs and approve the poisons allowed in our food, all the while developing the million dollar cure for the sickness that we get eating it.

You may have already caught his charm and lovable personality on such shows as “The Today Show on NBC”, “Showtime at the Apollo” and VH-1 PSA’S for Black History Month. Poetri hosts the largest weekly poetry venue in the nation, with an attendance of over 350 people every Tueasday. I can’t tell you how to get help, cause I am dealing with my own monsters. The sooner you recognize that we all have monsters growing up inside of us, The better this world of hell will be I have monsters in my stomach. Written By: Poetri All I want to know is...where did Krispy Kreme doughnuts come from? I see the sign everyday...cause I'm in there every FRICKEN day!!! Kroisant...spelled with a K..like the rest of their names... They were started to keep the black man down and round.With two of the HOTTEST Spoken Word venues in Southern California, it is a wonder that this gifted artist remains so humble and loveable. Every single one of them, Like “you don’t know what I go through on the daily type” demons. Or should I say since I met them..that cold rainy night. Glazed melted in my mouth like a waffle from Roscoes. I try to disguise my voice at times and I think I'm pretty good. Yea, that guy JC he read…but his poem was just alright.Spoken word is in full stride and Poetri is leading the way. And I remember thinking in Shakespearean, "What freshesth taste hath fallenth from grace into thine mouth? You should hear my Fat Albert But they know it's me. I mean, I don’t even know how I would introduce the man.But POETRI has also had major appearances in “The Horse Whisperer” alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt, a reocurring role on the EMMY Award winning show, Starting Over, the Snickers digi-sodes “Instant Def” alongside the Black Eyed Peas, as well as being a major thread to the storyline of the ground-breaking reality documentary “Black. Da’ Poetry Lounge has not only broadened the appeal of spoken word in Los Angeles, but has become a haven for young people to come and express their emotions in a positive atmosphere. This black militant fella once told me that Krispy Kreme used to be called... Once the revolution came back around all the black men would be too fat to fight, going through withdrawal symptoms, addicted to the KKK made to order glazed drugs... But everyday I see white people inside Krispy Kreme. I even saw the black militant fella in there one time, so I think it is safe to say that he was lieing. I must always fight this temptation of the creation of the perfect fattenning food... Written By: Poetri Jesus was a poet back in the day, But what if Jesus was a poet today? Cause for some people Jesus just ain’t good enough. Wow, if J-Fizzle the thug gospel poet was on stage today,how many would turn away, leave the night still not impressed?White”, which was executive produced by Ice Cube and R. Poetri has now taken his popularity in the Spoken Word community, added some comedy, and founded Beverly Hills' Latest Phenomenon, Spoken Funk. All the same Krispy Kreme is still trying to kill me. There stock has jumped leaps and bounds since they met me. What if he bum rushed open mics begging to get on the list? Still not seeing the light cause they were concentrating on the bad honey in the short dress, she did look good, though, even got her number that night.Slamming but three judges only gave him a nine,talking about he wasn’t hyped enough.

What If I told you Jesus was on this stage tonight? How can you call it a cure if it makes another part of you sick?

Poetri has worked with such legends as Curtis Mayfield, Bootsy Collins and Nona Hendrix, as well as some of today’s stars like LL Cool J, ? He is also the voice on Non-Stop-Pop on Delta Airlines. And it just don’t seem right when they drag me to eat99 cents chicken nuggets on Tuesdays, When I already ate at El Pollo Loco, talking about I can’t pass up this deal! And how mad do I get when I go to the store to buy their biggest size Only to find out that all the big sizes are sold out Cause a bunch of skinny cool kids bought them all. Every time I set my mind to even start thinking about working out, The monsters devise a plan to thwart my mission. That’s cause the monsters in my stomach are hard at work Devouring all the food that they force me to put on my plate.

He is one of the first poets in this new generation to smash the theory that “poets don’t make any money”. I hate the false feeling of getting a workout while I am eating. After all, you don’t believe in monsters And that is how they get you. They may not be in your stomach, but have you checked your heart, lately.

He has traveled all over the country as well as various parts of the world including Australia-Sydney Festival and New Zealand -Auckland Festival teaching and entertaining audiences ranging from forty to four thousand. But if you see me after grubbing on a hot meal from Aunt May’s house, You would think that I just ran a marathon. Monsters could be lurking like babies, just waiting to get adults.

His shows have been embraced by a plethora of stages including but not limited to The Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, the Apollo Theatre in New York City, the Clay Center in West Virginia, and the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Lucky I have that gift and grace of God to keep me free. They lie in wait until the perfect time when I am feeling weak and vulnerable, When I don’t have my guard up, when I am depressed or thinking hard about something. Sweating like an athlete but fat as a couch potato. If you don’t watch it, they grow up fast Have you hating on everyone that tries to help you.

And we sit at Burger King and believe the chemical lies,eat all the fast foods with hormones and pesticides. Have it your way at Micky Dee’s brainwashed into our heads, so much we actually think that their low-fat sandwiches are good for us. Doctors don’t approve vitamins cause they are not approved by the FDA.

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