Pakistan dating and marriage culture

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Pakistan dating and marriage culture - how is hannah montana dating

was keen on the sinus-clearing stench of perfume at a matrimonial meet-and-greet in D. Picture hordes of single men running towards single women and plates of biryani.But it isn’t all tall, handsome doctors (that’s stereotypically what a Muslim girl should hope for) and buffets.

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While there’s no line in the Quran that explicitly says that dating is haram (Arabic for “sinful”), what happens in modern dating—an unchaperoned rendezvous between a man and a woman and everything after that—isn’t exactly condoned.

Talk to young Muslim-Americans about dating today, and they’ll tell you that the hookup culture is a lot like Linked In.

It’s defined by awkward messages, questionable etiquette, and the unshakable feeling that you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing.

“Doing anything that could potentially taint your reputation, whether it be something as simple as dating or moving out of the house, sometimes seems not even worth it,” says Lena (not her real name), a 26-year-old in Brooklyn.

“Yes you can be a visionary or trailblazer and try to reconcile Muslim traditions with Western culture. Girls with their own apartments and jobs want to get married too.” There’s a disillusioning gap between the culture that young Muslim-American girls have been consuming—like HBO's Girls—and the oftentimes tedious reality of online matches and arranged dates.

Talk to mainstream media publications about Muslim dating today, and they’ll tell you that millennial Muslims—those who came of age after 9/11 and the Arab Spring—are “just like us!

” It’s fashionable to investigate the supremely awkward speed-dating scene at religious conferences.C., sometimes referred to as the “ultimate hookup spot.” Still, sexual liberation is a tricky thing, especially for the women: by breaking from tradition, especially in a society where men may want to have sex with you but marry someone more “pure,” how free can you truly be?That is, what can you do, without being considered a “slut”?i will leave my skybe and facebook account hope to hear from u. “You grow up these very conservative households and you’re told from birth on, ‘You’re not allowed to date, you’re not allowed to date, you’re not allowed to date,’” says Aizzah Fatima, an playwright whose one-woman show *** Girl meets boy. “People who come here sometimes hold on to this weird set of values from 1957,” says Fatima, who won’t disclose her age (she says it’s an actress thing), of her immigrant parents. the time that they grew up in.” She says that often, Muslim parents try to inculcate their children with the values of a bygone generation—ones that may in fact be more conservative than back in the home country.Fourteen percent of Muslim-Americans come from Pakistan, making it the number one country of origin for Muslim immigrants to the U. But since families like Fatima’s moved away in the ‘50s, things have changed, particularly in Pakistan’s urban centers.“Kissing and heavy makeout sessions were a big deal. Especially sex.” Where Muslim-American girls definitely are not having casual sex is on dating websites like Arab,, and Muslim