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For $549 a month plus a $200 set-up fee, the company wrote her profile, selected her photos and sifted through matches, sending promising bachelors messages on her behalf.The pricey deal also guaranteed her two dates per month.

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“I kept bugging [my friend] to join JDate to message him and she was like, ‘I don’t know, that seems crazy.’ ” In late April, the pair got married.

You improve the quality of your dates when you know what to do and what not to do. Our expert online dating assistance and profile improvement services help remove the uncertainty and guesswork from online dating.

We provide the expert assistance you need, to present yourself at your best.

Jessica Mendes, a Toronto-based ghostwriter, uses Craigslist to advertise her expertise in crafting everything from speeches to dating-site profiles.

Rather than just slapping together a list of hobbies, Mendes, 50, who charges 0 to 0 a profile, enjoys “reading people,” she says.

Someone might say she’s a student, but not indicate what she’s studying.

“You need to give people viewing your profile something to work with,” he says.If there are two she thinks might hit it off, she’ll send them each other’s photos and basic information.Two years ago, she came across a lawyer on, who seemed well-suited to her friend.(“Bestest TV show ever,” they wrote to describe my favourite comedy, words that would make any writer cringe.) But Yolande was pleasantly surprised by the quality of suitors A Million Matches found for her.“I don’t know how to start the small talk,” she says.His fiancée and business partner messaged him through the dating site Plenty of Fish after noticing they’d visited the same zoo in Hawaii.

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