Online dating hes not interested

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Take him at his word and move on to someone who values relationships the way you do.

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If he’s into you, he won’t have a problem adding a few future dates into his calendar.If he talks about those other girls, then he tells them about you, too.A man who is into you will want you exclusively and would be incredibly uncomfortable at the thought of you making romantic plans with other men.Are important dates repeatedly forgotten or shrugged off?It’s one thing to forget a birthday; it’s another altogether to forget a birthday and not really care.Sign he’s just not into you: He tells the same stories over and over again — and forgets the important stuff. Some, however, are not invested enough in a relationship to remember any details.

Does he tell the same stories over and over, so disconnected from conversation that he’s not even listening to himself?

Sign he’s just not into you: It’s always your house or his, never both.

If you’ve never been invited to his place, he’s keeping you at arm’s length for a reason.

If he doesn’t want people to think you’re a couple — he probably introduces you to people you run into as his “friend,” right? Even PDA-phobes should be okay with the occasional hand-holding or back-touching.

You want to be with someone who’s proud to be associated with you.

Side note: If you’re madly in love and in a super-healthy relationship, the computer/phone secrecy could be a sweet “researching engagement rings” thing.