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Financial statements show the airline reduced its direct operating costs by 5.8 per cent to Sh32.75 billion from Sh34.79 billion last year mainly driven by fuel prices.

They also wanted to know how noisy the women were during these different sexual activities and the reasons why. It hurt a lot…not just the rejection, but also the numbness. I’m one who’s discovering myself & falling in-love with every part of me I’d loathed before. It was a slow, painful journey & I don’t regret it. He didn’t love me and he reminded me every single day. No, I’m one who enjoys being alone listening to sermons, reading novels & growing as a writer.I wanna scream out my flaws & imperfections and show the world that am human. Well, I’m a 19 year old christian girl…Let’s pause there first. The pressure was intense and at some point I couldn’t take it no more. I thought I could manage it; serving, school, dating…But it was also that year I had to comprise many of the so-called standards I set up for myself. “He goes out clubbing, you know…shouldn’t you do the same? I want to allow myself to feel the hurt & pain without having to hide. Who would have thought serving God would end up so frustrating? ” “You’re too different…he’ll leave you for someone who’s more like him.” “There’s another girl in his life, Sandy.” “You’re too conserved…Loosen up a bit.” Everyone had something to say about our relationship and soon enough, my mind echoed back what they said. This included additional aircraft impairment of Sh1.8 billion.

The reduction in capacity resulted in a revenue drop of 3.5 per cent to Sh54.74 billion from Sh56.72 billion.

He had a girlfriend…She was lovely…but he was still there… Choose a man who abused me verbally & emotionally over the one who died for me? And so I renewed my vows to Christ and chose Him instead. I was saved, cleansed, delivered…but why was it so tough? Am an introvert…Not one who hides indoors, drowning in loneliness.

I wondered why I woke up at 3am to let him into my place; why I let him crawl back into the sheets with me. But I still wondered why I was stuck living that way. But God kept reminding me that I chose my ex over Him…Did I really do that? I started 2016 saying the cliche; New Year, New Me. Am now learning to trust God on a daily basis & finally opening up to a relationship with Him.

Kenya Airways lifted less tonnage due to decrease in wide body capacity, thus cargo revenue dipped 20.9 per cent.

The airline reduced its direct operating costs by Sh2 billion to Sh32.8 billion due to fuel prices.

I saw the frustration in his eyes every time I said “no, I can’t do that.” I wasn’t the kind of girl to succumb to peer pressure but see, I loved him. I was 17 when I gave myself to him…It was meant to be special…He was supposed to be ‘the one’…We were supposed to be more in-love after that.

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    La missione economica di Ital Africa in RCA del 16-17 dicembre 2010 ha avuto l’obiettivo di verificare le opportunità esistenti nel paese africano.

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