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[Laughs.] That’s a weird area to get into, talking about how much attention you deserve. But, yeah, I think it’s definitely under the radar. There’ve been a couple of occasions where Mike’s a little more open, not too often, though, come to think of it.I think that tells you that families aren’t that different. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of Tarantino, per se, but I like several of his movies very much, probably Reservoir Dogs the most of them. well, it was his first movie, so that’s why, I guess! AVC: Speaking of Mike’s relationship with Sue, it varies somewhat: Sometimes he’s extremely softhearted with her, while on other occasions, he all but cringes when she’s trying to forge a stronger bond between them. Things happen that you assume would destroy her, but they don’t. That’s her choice, but the next time I watched the show, I did it particularly watching her, to see what might bother her, and she’s clearly just crazy, because she’s excellent on that show. AVC: All of the kids have really grown into their roles over the course of the show. AVC: Atticus Shaffer deserves particular kudos for battling his way through his voice change this season.

After early efforts to make a breakthrough in Hollywood failed, however, Flynn returned to Chicago and discovered his aptitude for comedy, which he has displayed regularly throughout eight seasons of Scrubs and four seasons (thus far) of his portrayal of Mike Heck on The Middle. Club: There’s a recurring theme in most pieces written about The Middle—including a few on The A. Club—that it’s the most underrated sitcom on television. It seems like [you think] you’re deserving of something. We probably know less about him than any of the other characters, just by virtue of the fact that he says the least, but it has been established that his favorite movie is Reservoir Dogs. AVC: Is that actually your favorite film, too, or is it just Mike’s? There’s an episode coming up where Sue starts to date, and Mike’s less than thrilled with her choice. [Laughs.] I don’t have a daughter, but I’m sure I would find that difficult. And I think that’s nice to see for a TV character, especially for a young one.

Building those friendships and getting that experience. ” And the day may well come around where I’m playing cops again. AVC: You still keep your improv chops up, though, with your own group in L. I think the opportunity only even came up once that I can recall, and I turned down the offer. Because I didn’t have a very big part and was rarely relied upon to supply any plot, it was great to just have that freedom. If Tina’s gonna write a joke, it’s very likely going to be something that I think is funny, or something that maybe I would’ve written if, y’know, I was actually a writer. AVC: Mean Girls must’ve been a pretty easy project for you to step into, then. [Laughs.] The movie was, but I just sort of served a purpose as the dad. Because of knowing Tina, I was at the table read, and the guy they wanted to play the dad had gotten into some sort of difficulty and couldn’t do it, so it was like, “Oh, well, how about the guy who was at the table read?

Because before that, I’d never done anything funny. AVC: You were working at places like the Goodman and Steppenwolf theaters, right? It was to go improvise in some club in the suburbs or something. Bill always said he didn’t mind what I said, as long as it was funny, because people would think he wrote it, anyway. He was good.” Someone told me that that movie is now a touchstone for twentysomethings, that they quote each other lines from it all the time. I don’t know, like Animal House was for me, or something. [Laughs.] A little more well-behaved than those guys were, but…

So Frankie had a workplace and Mike had a workplace because they didn’t know what was going to work. I never spoke, but it was the best experience onstage I ever had in my life, because I spent almost a year just observing Hamlet being rehearsed and then performed. And sometimes I’ll get a fan letter that’ll say, “Mr. [Laughs.] So I just happened to be in that film, but at the time, because I was such a fan of Boogie Nights, he appeared to be one of those directors who uses the same actors over and over, using a certain pool of actors, and I was hoping to make my way into that pool, which is why I would’ve swept the floor to be a part of Magnolia.

And I think what they found was that you rarely have to leave the house, and I think that’s good news. Not a lot of work, but a great experience nonetheless. Flynn, I’m a big fan of yours, I enjoyed you in—” And they’ll list a couple of things. That’s when you can tell they just looked at IMDB to grab something, anything, to give them credibility. But I haven’t heard from him since, so, uh, that plot did not work out as well as I wanted.

But they had to be prepared to spread the story around just in case. Anyway, Del and I knew each other from that, and I knew he had this improv theater, but that wasn’t my thing. Then I came out [to Hollywood] and didn’t find any success for about five or six years, so I moved back to Chicago, more or less starting over. I’m always tempted to write back, “Oh, so you really liked my non-verbal black-and-white performance for seven-eighths of a second?

I think my favorite scenes are usually in the car, and that’s about as compact as you can get. AVC: As evidenced by the fact that the show was nominated for a Humanitas Prize for the opening scene in “The Map,” when the family was coming home from Aunt Ginny’s funeral. And with nothing to do on a Wednesday night or whatever, I passed by this sign that said “Improv Olympic,” and I remembered that. Well, then, yes.” “Great, because that’s the deal: There’s no negotiation, there’s no further information for you on which to make your decision, it’s just yes or no.” So I said, “Okay, sure,” and I ended up playing that part. And pretty much anybody would want to work with Spielberg, given the chance, so even though that was only just one day for me, it’s still a nice notch on the belt, so I can always say, “You know, I worked with Spielberg…” There are just some people that everyone wants to work with. She could basically have anyone guest star on 30 Rock that she wanted. Well, I’m glad, because I’ll tell you, I did more with that fraction of a second on screen than someone much more famous could’ve possibly done.” [Laughs.] I should point out, though, that there’s a punch that occurs when Pat Healy, who’s playing the druggist, gets murdered, that is my fist striking him. as I’ve said before, it was probably the single best professional decision I ever made. Because it gives you a structure that you can hang onto rather than just a wide-open space to do whatever you want in. And probably not until season five or something like that. But that absolutely turned out to be for my own benefit. Before the year was out, I was playing with the house team, having the best slot: Friday and Saturday night, every week. That was 20 years ago, but you look at that group and we just happened to be… It exists because it was the first—as far as I know—long-form improv structure. But there was once in the script where, for the Janitor’s line, it said, “Whatever Flynn says.” And then a second time a while later said, “Take it, Flynn.” [Laughs.] That was a real joy, to do that. And some of the times, I’m sure, there were scenes where it was word-for-word was what written. That’s really my thing, the type of humor that I got to do with the Janitor. As I recall, it was like a month later when my agent said, “Do you want to be in it? AVC: We keep coming back to this Cop #1 thing, so let me ask a question that I may never have asked anyone before: Do you have a favorite Cop #1 role in your back catalog? I’ve only been in a handful of movies, but that’s a good one. NF: Well, if there’s ever gonna be a good excuse to ask someone that question, now with me is probably about as good as you’re gonna get. It was a good idea that I tried it, and it was good fortune that it turned out that I could play comedy. Bill was just telling me the last time I saw him about some bit of mine that I think was half-written and half-improvised… I was telling Ted the Lawyer something like, “You gotta do something nice for her. I guess, based on my extensive background of playing Cop #1, he felt that it was in able hands to have me play the trooper, or whatever my character was. Plus, for all I know, I tell him that, and suddenly Spielberg calls me up and says, “You were in that with him?

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