Mike fischer dating carrie underwood

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He allowed me to be drafted close to home and then the trade happened. We can doubt the Lord when we go through tough times, but you know that He’s always got your best interest at heart.I didn’t ask for the trade or want to leave but it was probably the best things that could ever happen because of Carrie and I. We’d lost 11 in a row before I got traded and things were a little dicey. After the trade, my mom told me a day before I got traded that she thought, “Well maybe the season isn’t going so well for Mike so he can get traded to Nashville and be with Carrie.” She called it. When you see the overall picture afterwards, you’re like, “Why did I even doubt?

They instilled in us that God came first and they showed us what it was like to have a relationship with Christ. I traveled for hockey but it was mostly throughout Ontario as a kid. Carrie is proud of her hometown (of Checotah, Okla.). We don’t get back as much as we’d like to, but it’s a great place for sure. We were able to do (Bible) studies together and pray together.How sobering of a thought is it that you are biblically responsible to be the spiritual leader of your marriage and how seriously do you take that responsibility? We’re both doing this thing together but I take it seriously that we make sure we’re encouraging each other and praying together and growing spiritually. The closer we feel to God, the closer we feel to each other.When we’re in the Word and growing and doing things we need to be doing, it makes the relationship so much better.I know (the title is) a play-on-words, but I consider myself a pretty hardworking guy and I like to play hard, play physical and play well defensively too.It’s partly about my style and obviously I have spoken about my faith and that’s really a part of who I am and I’ve never shied away from sharing that.That’s so important and that’s a top priority for sure.

Bonham: Do you feel like it’s your responsibility to model that for other husbands out there?Hopefully I can be a good light in the hockey world and promote faith as something that’s really real.Bonham: What message do you hope sinks in the hearts of the young people that read this book?” Even if just one person reads this book and accepted Christ, that would make it all worthwhile. And then there are those kids that have a faith and know Christ and I hope that they’re encouraged to share it and to use their gifts and talents and abilities and not be afraid to tell people about Christ and to be open and to not be ashamed and to be proud of it—to have the courage to do that. Bonham: Hockey isn’t known for having a lot of outspoken Christians.How do you manage to exist in that world and what hope do you have that more players will begin experiencing a life of faith?Fisher: Hockey has come a long way—even over the last 10 years.

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