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Book by Herbert and Dorothy Fields; revised by Peter Stone(Connecticut 2010) Annie Get Your Gun(NY) Animals Out Of Paper/Rav Joseph(Los Angeles 2014) Animals Out of Paper/Rajiv Joseph (Berkshires 2012) Annulla/Mann, Emily Anonymous/Merzer, Glen Another American: Asking and Telling/Wolf, Marc Another Country /Julian Mitchell (London 2014) Another Country/Mitchel, Julian (London) "Another Part of the Forest/ Lilian Hellman( Off- Broadway2010) Another Part of the House/Cruz, Migdalia 1997 Another Vermeer/ Bruce J.Robinson (2008) The Anthem, the musical/Book by Gary Morgenstein, inspired by Ayn Rand novella.

Music & Lyrics by Sheryl Crow (DC 2014) The Dining Room /Gurney, A. (2007) Dinner/Buffini, Moira (London) Dinner at Eight/Kaufman, George S.; Ferber, Edna in NYC Dinner With Friends/Donald Margulies (Off-Broadway2014) Dinner with Friends/ Donald Margulies(Connecticut 2010) Dinner With Friends/Margulies, Donald (Off-Broadway 1999) Dinner With Demons/Reynolds, Joshua Dinner With the Boys/Dan Lauria (2015 Off-Broadway/2014 NJ) Dinner With The Boys/Dan Lauria (New Jersey 2014) The Director/Cassidy, Barbara The Director/ Hasty, Nancy (Off-Broadway 2000 Dirty Blonde/Claudia Shear and James Lapine(DC 2009) Dirty Blonde/ Shear, Claudia Dirty Blonde (Philadelphia production) Dirty Dancing/ Eleanor Bergstein(Los Angeles 2009) Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story On Stage/Bergstein, Eleanor (London) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels//Jeffrey Lane, book; David Yazbek, music and lyrics-- based on 1988 film Dirty Story/Shanley, John Patrick The Dirty Talk/Puzo, Michael Dirty Tricks/Jeter, John Dirty Works/Linley, Jamie A Disappearing Number/Simon Mc Burney (London 2007) Disaster!

Part 1 Millenium Approaches; Part 2, Perestroika/ Tony Kushner(Off-Broadway 2010) Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika/Kushner (Philadelphia 2012) Angels In America/Kushner, Tony (London 2007) Angel Street/ Patrick Hamilton a href="animal.html"Animal/Adshead, Kay (London) Animal and Plants/Adam Rapp -- see, Hotel Motel Animal Crackers (Berkshires 2013) Animal Crackers/ Book by George S. Music by Charles Strouse and lyrics by Martin Charnin(Broadway 2012) Annie/Book-Thomas Meehan, music - Charles Strouse, lyrics - Martin Charnin (New Jersey) Annie Get Your Gun/ Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin.

Book by Herbert and Dorothy Fields(London2009) Annie Get Your Gun/Berlin, Irving; Field, Herbert and Dorothy (additions Peter Stone)(DC) Annie Get Your Gun(Connecticut 2010) Annie Get Your Gun/ Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin.

A Abe Lincoln's Piano(Los Angeles 2014) Abducting Diana/Fo, Daniel (DC) Abigail's Party/ Mike Leigh(Los Angeles 2008) Abigail's Party/ Leigh, Mike (London 2002) Abigail's Party/ Leigh, Mike (Off-Broadway 2005) Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party/ Aaron Loeb (Off-Broadway 2010) Absence of Weather/Urban, Ken (Los Angeles 2005) Absent Friends/Alan Ayckbourn (London 2012) Absent Friends/Alan Ayckbourn (Off-Broadway 1996) Absolute Beginners/Roy Williams, adapted from Colin Mac Innes novel(London 2007) Absolutely!

[perhaps]/ Pirandello, Luigi Pirandello (London 2003) Absurd Person Singular/Ayckbourn, Alan (Broadway 2005) Absurd Person Singular/ Ayckgbourn (Berkshires, 2010) Absurdia: A Resounding Tinkle and Gladly Otherwise by NFSimpson; The Crimson Hotel by Michael Frain (London 2007) Abundance/Pottenger, Marty (Off Broadway 2004) Abundance / Beth Henley (2015 Off-Broadway) Accent on Youth/ Samson Raphaelson (2009) Accidental Death of an Anarchist/ Daniel Fo (2011 New Jersey} Accolade/ Emlyn Williams(London 2011) Accolade / Emlyn Williams (London 2014) Accomplice/ Rupert Holmes, Rupert (Los Angeles 2005) The Accomplices/Weinraub, Bernard (2007) According to Goldman/Graham, Bruce (Philadelphia 2004) The Accused/Archer, Jeffrey (London 2000) Ace of Clubs /Noel Coward (London 2014) The Acid Test/ Anya Reiss(London 2011) Across The Wide and Lonesome Prairie/ Julie Jensen(New Jersey 2010) Act A Lady/Jordan Harrison(Phladelphia2011) The Action Against Sol Schulmann/Sweet, Jeffrey (Off-Broadway 2004) Act of God/ David Javerbaum(2016 Off-Broadway) An Act of God/David Javerbaum (2015 Off-Broadway) An Act of Love/ David Landsberg(Los Angeles 2008) Act One/ James Lapine, based on Moss Hart Memoir(Off-Broadway2014) The Act /Matthew Baldwin and Thomas Hescott (London 2014) The Actor's Worst Nightmare/Durang, Christopher (Berkshires 2000) Acts of Faith/Stephen Mantin& (Off-Broadway 1998) Acts of Mercy/Garcçs, Michael John (Off-Broadway 2006) ADA: Author Directing Author/Neil La Bute, Marco Calvani, Marta Buchaca (2017 Off-Broadway) Adam Baum and the Jew Movie/Goldfarb, Daniel(Off-Broadway 1999) The Addams Family/ book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elicemusic and lyrics by Andrew Lippa( Broadway2010) Addicted/Lundholm, Mark (Off-Broadway 2006) Adding Machine/Music, Joshua Schmidt;libretto, Jason Loewith and Mr.

-- an epic comedy/Hesla, James Hesla (DC) Being Alive: A New Musical Celebration/sondheim, Stephen (Philadelphia 2007) Being Audrey/ Book by James Hindman.

Music and lyrics by Ellen Weiss(2009) Being Sellers/ Carl Caulfield(Off-Broadway 2010) Belfast Blues/ Hughes, Geraldine Belgrade Trilogy/Srbljanovic, Biljana (DC) Believe What You Will/Massinger, Philip (London) Belize/Zimet, Paul Bell, Book and Candle / John van Druten(Los Angeles 2010) Belle Epoque/ Clarke, Martha & Mee, Charles L.Music and Lyrics Carol Hall/(London 2011) Gore Vidal's The Best Man (Broadway 2012) The Best Man/King, Robert (New Jersey) The Best Man, See Gore Vidal's The Best Man The Best of Enemies /Mark St.Germain (2012, New Jersey) 0n The Best of Enemies/Mark St. Lyrics by Anthony Drewe(London 2011) Betrayal/ Harold Pinter(Broadway2013) Betrayal/ Harold Pinter(London 2011) Betrayal/Pinter, Harold (London-Donmar 2007) Betrayal/Pinter (London) Betrayal/Pinter, Harold (Berkshires-1997) Betrayal/Pinter, Harold (Broadway-2000) Betrayed/ Packer, George(2008) Betrothal in a Monastery (opera) Betrothed/Dickstein, Rachel (The News In Revue: ) Between Iraq and a Hard Place/Hoson, Nancy (Berkshires) Bette Bourne and Mark Ravenhill - A Life in Three Acts/Mark Ravenhill (London 2010) A Better Place/Wendy Beckett, (2016 Off-Broadway) Between Riverside And Crazy/Stephen Adly Guirgis (2015 Off-Broadway) Between Riverside and Crazy/Stephen Adly Guirgis (2014 Off-Broadway) Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea/ Suzanne Andrade(2008) Between Us/Hortua, Joe Betwixt/Cale, David Beware Of Young Girls: Kate Dimbleby Sings The Dory Previn Story (2014 Off-Broadway) Beyond Bollywood/ (London 2015) Beyond Recognition/ Petrick, John Beyond the Fence / Nathan Taylor, Benjamin Till (London 2016) Beyond Therapy/ Christopher Durang(Off-Broadway2014) Beyond Therapy / Christopher Durant(Berkshires, WTF 2008) Betty Rules BFF/Ziegler, Anna Beware Of Young Girls: Kate Dimbleby Sings The Dory Previn Story (2014 Off-Broadway) Beyond Glory/Lang Stephen, from Larry Smith Book Beyond the Horizon/ Eugene O'Neill(Off-Broadway 2012) Beyond the Horizon/O'Neill Bhutan/Foote, Daisy A Bicycle Country/Cruz, Nilos (Los Angeles) Big Al/Goluboff, Brian The Big Bang/ Feuer, Jed and Graham, Boyd Big Bill/Gurney, A. The Big Brecht Fest: A Respectable Wedding (1919), The Jewish Wife (1938), Senora Carra's Rifles (1937), How Much Is Your Iron?2010) Bad Dates/Rebeck, Theresa (Off-Broadway2003) Badge/Schneck, Matthew(Off-Broadway 2007) Bad Girls/Oates, Joyce Carol (Off-Broadway 2003) Bad Hurt On Cedar Street/ Kemble, Mark (Los Angeles 2007) Bad Jazz/Farquar, Robert (Off-Broadway 2007) Bad Jews/Joshua Harmon (DC 2014) Bad Jews/Joshua Harmon (Off-Broadway2013) Bad Jews/ Joshua Harmon(Off-Broadway 2012) Bad Kid/ David Crabb (Off-Broadway 2012) Bad Sex With Bud Kemp/Loh, Sandra Tsing (Off-Broadway 1998) BAFO/Strelich, Tom(Off-Broadway 1998) Baghdad Wedding Abdulrazzak, Hassan (London 2007) Bailegangaire/Tom Murphy (Off-Broadway 2002) Bailegangaire/Tom Murphy (Los Angeles 2007) The Bakelite Masterpiece/ Kate Cayley (2016 Berkshires) Bakersfield Mist /Stephen Sachks (2017 Los Angeles) Bakersfield Mist (2011 New Jersey) Bakersfield Mist (2014 London) Bakersfield Mist/Stephen Sachs (London 2014) The Baker's Wife/Stein, Joseph and Schwartz, Stephen (Philadelphia 2001) The Baker's Wife/Stein, Joseph and Schwartz, Stephen (Papermill Playhouse New Jersey 2005) Bakkhai /Euripides, Anne Carson (London 2015) The Bald Soprano/ Eugene Ionesco(Off-Broadway 2011) The Bald Soprano/Ionesco, Eugene (Off-Broadway 2004) The Ballad of Emmett Till/ Ifa Bayeza(Los Angeles 2010) The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde! Book & Lyrics by Che Walker(London 2009) Beethoven As I Knew Him/ Hershey Felder(Los Angeles 2008) Beethoven: Heaven's Voice/Russell, Ronald (Los Angeles) Before Breakfast/Oneill, Eugene Before Breakfast/O'Neill -- double bill Before Your Very Eyes/Gob Squad (Off-Broadway 2015) Beggar On Horseback/Kaufmann, George S.and Connelly, Marc Beggars in a House of Plenty/ Shanley, John Patrick (Los Angeles) The Beginning of August/Donaghy, Tom The Beginning of Summer/Foote, Horton (DC) Behind the Beautiful Forevers / (London 2014) Behold!Schmidt, based on Elmer Rice 1923 (Off-Broadway 2008) Address Unknown/Taylor, Kathrine Kressman— adapted by Frank Dunlop (Off-Broadway 2004) Adieu, Jacques: The Life & Music of Jacques Brel/Harrison, Noel (Los Angeles 2001) Adjoining Trances/Randy Buck (Off-Broadway 197) Adler and Gibb (London 2014) The Admirable Crichton/Barrie (Shaw Festival 2011) Admit One/Wendy Yondorf (New Jersey 2014) Adrift in Macao/book and lyrics by Christopher Durang; music by Peter Melnick (Philadelphia 2005) (Off-Broadway-Primary Stages 2007 ) Ads/ Richard Maxwell(Off-Broadway 2010) The Adventures of Charcoal Boy/Created by Elyas Khan, Eric Novak, and Sarah Provost (Off-Broadway 2006) The Adventures of Fishy Waters: In Bed with the Blues/ Guy Davis(New Jersey 2012) The Adventures of Hershele Ostropolyer/By Moyshe Gershenson and adapted by Eleanor Reissa (Off-Broadway 2010) Adult Entertainment/May, Elaine (Off-Broadway 2002) An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein/Silverstein, Shel (Off- Broadway 2001) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer/Ludwig, Ken, from Mark Twain's novel (Broadway 2001) Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait / Daniel Talbott (2015 Off-Broadway) After/ Chad Beckim(Off-Broadway 2011) Afterlife: A Ghost Story /Steve Yockey ( Boston 2011) Afterlife / Michael Frayn(London 2008) After Luke/ Conål Creedon(Off-Broadway 2009) After Math/ Elliot Shoenman(Los Angeles 2011) Aftermath/ Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen(Off-Broadway 2009) After Midnight/Jack Viertel (Broadway 2013) After the Night and the Music/May Elaine(Broadway 2002) A For Adultery/Dick, Paul Afore Night Come/Rudkin, David(London 2001) After Miss Julie/August Strindberg, Patrick Marber adaptation (Broadway 2009) After Miss Julie/Marber, Patrick—-based on Strindberg (London 2003) After Mrs Rochester/Teale, Polly (London 2003) Afterplay/Friel, Brian (London 2005) Afterplay/Friel, Brian Friel (DC 2005) After the Ball/Coward, Noel, after Oscar Wilde's Lady Windemere's Fan (Off-Broadway 2004) After the Dance/ Terence Rattigan(London 2010) After the End/Kelly, Dennis(Off-Broadway 2006) After the Fair/Stephen Cole, based on Thomas Hardy story (Off-Broadway 1999) After the Fall/Miller, Arthur (Los Angeles 2002) After the Flood/Baker, Randy (DC 2004) After the Rain/Sergi Belbel (Off-Broadway 1999) After the Revolution/ Amy Herzog( Off-Broadway2010) After the Revolution/ Amy Herzog(DC 2013) After the Revolution A WTF-Nikos world premiere After the War (Washington, DC 2016) Against Captain"'s Orders /Simon Davies (London 2015) Agamemnon/Aeschylus (Off-Broadway2004) Agamemnon (Los Angeles 2006) The Agent./Wagner, Martin - (London) Age of Arousal/ Linda Griffiths(Philadelphia 2007) The Age of Iron/ William Shakespeare's AM 7/18/2016 and Cressida & Thomas Heywood's Iron Age(2009) Age Of Pie/Hedges, Peter (Off-Broadway 2000) Ages of the Moon(Atlantic Theater Off-Broadway2010) Age-Sex-Location/ Markou, Marcus (London 2004) The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs/ created and performed by Mike Daisey(2011) Ah, Wilderness! /Eugene O'Neill- NATCO (Off-Broadway 1997) Ah, Wilderness/ Lincoln Center-Beaumont (Broadway 1997) Aida/ Wolferton-Fall-Hwang(Broadway 2000) Adapted from Sophocles by Lightbox Theater (Off-Broadway 2006) Ain't Misbehavi' onceived by Richard Maltby, Jr.