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Monaghan responded to one skeptic, "an accusation is when you'claim' someone did something wrong.i hey little fan girl maybe want to get slapped around by him? "i respect doms opinion, just not the way he handled the response.""This should be between matthew and dom," she continued.

Fox met his wife, Margherita Ronchi, at a university, and they married shortly after in 1992.Fox developed an extremely muscular physique for the role and shed most of his body fat.He appeared in the 2013 film World War Z alongside Brad Pitt.Inside his room, Fox is sitting on the sofa wearing a neatly cut black suit and white shirt.On screen – most notably in Lost, of course – he has a distinctively laconic grace and a goofily bashful grin. Within moments, he’s jumped up and gone over to the window to have a cigarette.To which an apparently startled @omggbeccaa replied, "I KNOW IT WAS WRONG BUT WHAT?! " (In the meantime, she also asked him if marriage to Emilie De Ravin was in his future, and he replied, "No, she's my bud.")But in response to @omggbeccaa's Fox shock, Monaghan then tweeted, "How do you know we ever did?

you don't know either of beats isolated incidents.interested."While his rep hasn't responded to a request for comment, TMZ is reporting that a source close to Fox says that the actor denies ever beating a woman and doesn't understand why Monaghan—whom he doesn't remember having a beef with on set or anything—would say such a thing.

But the window only opens about two centimetres and so Fox has to wedge one elegantly tailored shoulder into the gap and blow the smoke out through the window so he doesn’t set off the fire alarm.

In May, Lost will finally come to an end after six series.

beside i dont see that thier relatioship is like that, its more like friendship and co-worker..

Over the next hour these words will bang around inside my head like a pair of wooden cymbals.

It makes everything else in your life more rewarding.

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