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mutant's defect in iron-regulated PQS production, indicating that a Prr F-independent iron regulatory pathway mediates AQ production in coculture.

Nitrogen at a flow of 650 liters/h was used as the desolvation gas with a constant desolvation temperature of 400°C. Data were acquired over the mode with alternating low- and high-collision energies.Moreover, our studies suggest that established iron regulatory pathways of these pathogens are significantly altered during polymicrobial infections.IMPORTANCE Chronic polymicrobial infections involving is a Gram-negative opportunistic pathogen that causes a variety of life-threatening infections.However, HHQ does not possess the 3-hydroxyl group of PQS and is therefore incapable of chelating ferric iron (40).While several of the studies cited above provide a link between iron homeostasis and antimicrobial activity in .While this phenomenon is dependent upon Pqs A, we found that this activity is independent of the Prr F s RNAs, indicating the presence of a distinct iron regulatory pathway that controls PQS production.

We further show that this activity is conserved in multiple strains of strains were maintained in brain heart infusion (BHI) broth or on BHI agar plates.Included in the Prr F regulon are genes encoding anthranilate (ANT) degradation enzymes (Ant A and Cat BCA), which allow catabolism of this metabolite by the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle (25).Anthranilate also serves as a precursor for the quinolone signal (PQS), a quorum-sensing molecule and virulence trait (26, 27).For iron-depleted medium, Chelex-treated, dialyzed Trypticase soy broth (DTSB) was prepared as previously described (44).Ferric chloride (Fe Cl supplementation as indicated.Argon gas was used for collision-induced dissociation (CID).

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