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By the time she reached 8th grade, the date of her marriage ceremony was set.Savily, she struck a deal with her father agreeing to go through with the arranged married if she could continue attending classes.

After receiving the support of her village and a scholarship, she left the nest and flew to the United States to attend school in Virginia.Conhecida por suas belas praias e suas ruelas da antiga Cidade de Pedra, patrimônio da humanidade.The other day, I was searching through the TED Talks website and came across the video A Girl Who Demanded School featuring Kakenya Ntaiya that truly inspired me.Through school feeding programs, short-term hunger is alleviated which increases children’s abilities to concentrate, learn, perform specific tasks, and increase the enrollment of girls (World Bank).And girls education not only helps themselves, it helps their families, communities and country — as evident in Kakenya, who gained an education and turned around to use those skills to improve the lives of the rest of the girls in her village.São 15km de propriedade e é dentro desta reserva privada que fizemos nosso safari em Victoria Falls, no Zimbábue.

A arquitetura do lodge Matetsi é moderna e ao mesmo tempo rústica, traduzindo perfeitamente o ambiente em que esta inserido.The state of girls education has significantly improved over the years but there is still work to do.Right now, approximately 31 million school-aged girls are not enrolled in school (GPE).Kakenya is an amazing example of what comes from investing in girls. Start by educating your friends, family, and decision makers on the issue.She is strong, confident and determined to make a difference in the world. Use your voice, volunteer your time, and donate what you can to empower girls through education.Por isso, o Serengeti é considerado uma das maravilhas do mundo natural.

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