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To make amends, in 1990, she began the National Egg Awareness Campaign.The controversy gained her the nickname "Eggwina." Long after the furore died down, in 2001, it was revealed that a covered-up Whitehall report produced months after Currie's resignation found that there had been a "salmonella epidemic of considerable proportions." In 1991, Currie became the first Conservative MP to appear on the BBC topical panel show Have I Got News for You.

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Edwina Jones (born 13 October 1946), born Edwina Cohen and commonly known by her first married name, Edwina Currie, is a former British Member of Parliament.

A civil court (High Court action) led to compensation of £15,000 from Currie after she "falsely suggested in her memoirs that it happened after Snape had been 'drinking vodka in a club with cronies'." In February 1994, she tabled an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill to lower the age of consent for homosexual sexual acts to 16.

This amendment was defeated by 307 votes to 280, although a subsequent amendment resulted in the reduction of the homosexual age of consent from 21 to 18; final equalisation was achieved in 2000.

A fire that killed a father and his three sons in East Liverpool, Ohio, has been ruled arson.

On Sunday, authorities identified the victims as 37-year-old Ulrick Estimot and his three sons, 11-year-old Trey, 7-year-old Terrell and 5-year-old Trenton.

Since then, she has appeared in a string of reality television programmes, such as Wife Swap in which she and her second husband John swapped places with John Mc Cririck and his wife, Jenny.

She has also appeared in the reality cooking show Hell's Kitchen with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, and Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes, both in 2006. She won Celebrity Mastermind on 23 June 2004, specialising in the life of Marie Curie.Currie studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at St Anne's College, Oxford, where she was taught by Gabriele Taylor; From 1975 until 1986, she was a Birmingham City Councillor for Northfield.In 1983, she stood for parliament as a Conservative Party candidate, and was elected as the member for South Derbyshire.After 14 years as a member of the House of Commons, Currie lost her parliamentary seat of South Derbyshire in the 1997 General Election.She attempted to be selected as a Conservative candidate for the European Parliament election of 1999, but was unsuccessful.She is the author of six novels and has also written four works of non-fiction.