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A senior media people that although (arashi) Ninomiya largest one among the sex scandal, but after dating Masami Nagasawa, ninomiya change a lot , he also agreed to the request of the woman getting married, but it seems he still wanted to sprint at work, that's why marriage for not confirm, plus the woman could not stand the boyfriend's flower character(sorry,no idea what is that, and i do not know how t translate it), only thing to do it sadly break up.title of the news : kazunari Ninomiya going to act new drama[mingpo] (arashi), following Matsumoto Fuji TV, after the drama "nine months" , another member of the effectiveness of the Second Temple and Fuji will also starred in Oct.

There are rumors that fell in love with Akira Nagasawa and 4 months, Iwata City, Shizuoka They belong to the same people, returned home early this year with such meetings, to family and friends as "very serious engagement" and to regard each other as marriage partners.After the report come out, Nagasawa Masami's manager said, Akira is with her were fellow, and in a very good relationship, but the man's office make it clear that they will not ask any private daily life .After graduation to join the arts sector in the summer dishes, 2005, after recording the first television series, are also ups and downs over the years, until last year, adapted from the popular cartoon filming of big movies "GANTZ Gantz", the result of playing Kishimoto Hui corner, her popularity now a big change, changed her stardom.Ninomiya-owned firm of Johnnie Walker, said the two "is just one or two meals eaten a friend" and Nagasawa Dongbao art belongs, also means Nagasawa did not get married has made a report, but also refers to the report do not understand What is the intention.Although the two firms with each other to draw the line at top speed, on-line yet another set of interpretations."As to the second house, summer vegetables are also full of praise:" Quhao fast into the drama, like button, like the protagonist of a mysterious power to become a wild design, good performances have charm.

" (Ming Pao) latest issue of "Weekly Women" means the Last Friends actress Nagasawa Masami because of dissatisfaction with her boyfriend, "arashi" members of the Kazunari which costing their break up, yesterday published "weekly paper Spring" also reported that the Kazunari have a secret meeting earlier on "letting Angel" actress Sasaki.

【Commercial Radio Interactive Entertainment Group】 popular Japanese Idol Ninomiya transferred reject ex-girlfriend Nagasawa Masami result of forced marriages break up, then back single, he was again accused of exposing private, "meat eater male", often hunting food at the night places.

Earlier media revealing Nagasawa Masami can't stand for ninomiya's personality change and decide to end this relationship which last longer than five years, moreover, some the magazine point out ninomiya was a secret meeting Sasaki in one of the report, which means many people have witnessed his frequent Tokyo Ginza Senior nightclubs, regrettably, it has not substantiated shot.

Love is a fellow breeds were Akira and Nagasawa Masami are classmate in primary and secondary schools, but after joining they met, and with the understanding of both the home also found not far from the original, the two sides after their families became friends.

Nagasawa's father was a Japanese soccer player and also the team Jubilo Iwata's first coach, so she was also quite interested in soccer, and has represented the school soccer game, Akira is tune with the UK.

It is understood that the Second Temple in person reservation, this famous store in the small office workers, without prior notification if a seat is difficult.

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