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In almost any historical era and culture, the arts, including literary and visual arts, as well as popular culture, present a substantial portion of a given society's views on human sexuality, which also include implicitly or explicitly female sexuality.In most societies and legal jurisdictions, there are legal bounds on what sexual behavior is permitted.

Whether you are a wedding planner or planning your own wedding, there is no reason to scrimp on elegance to stay within a budget.

* Instead of having a cake, have a tower of cupcakes.

They can be decorated as beautifully as a traditional cake, but they are ready right away for serving.

It isn't what they're drinking that's important, it's that they all came out to celebrate with you.

* Developing a signature cocktail is a creative way to express yourself and cut costs.

They often taste just as good, but can cost several hundred dollars instead of several thousand.

* You can have a smaller cake with mostly fake layers and then behind the scenes, cut up a sheet cake to serve to your guests.

* Serving comfort foods at your reception is another fun way to lower the cost.

Foods like barbecue, mashed potatoes, and macaroni-n-cheese are all relatively cost-efficient and can liven up the party.

Each guest receives the same portion size and it's an overall fun way to serve dessert.

* Get your cake at a local grocery store instead of a wedding cake boutique.

Drinks serve several purposes at a party; from making the toast to washing down your meal.

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