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Disclaimer: Don't own either Rot G or Ht TYD this story however, all mine, mwahaha.. Why did Berk have to be one of the worst places to live and why was he born there?

They also aligned themselves with cultural markers like clothing, language and food that were blacker, and rejected others that were perceived to be symbols of whiteness. One essential element of passing involves deception.

The authors write: While Anthony and Denise highlight black cultural symbols (via clothing and language) to manage their black identities, Stephanie managed her black identity in school by distancing herself from cultural symbols of whiteness: “[I attended] an all black school and so all my friends were black then. In order to pass, a person has to self-identify differently than his or her public presentation.

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They write: We find that biracial people pass as black for several reasons. Khanna and Johnson also found that their interviewees, who had an average age of 24, lived in the Atlanta area and were primarily from middle- and upper middle–class families, having grown up in “predominantly white settings,” tended to manipulate their racial identities aggressively. The researchers argue that it does, because it involves a concerted effort to reveal one portion of ancestry while concealing and rejecting another.

They not only introduced themselves as black, but also often changed their physical characteristics — tanning and treating their hair — to appear more black. The volunteers in the study also behaved strategically to project their race — something that sociologists call “identity work.” The authors of the current study prefer to call it “performing race”: they characterize the racial identities of their subjects as a strategically constructed, outwardly projected performance, and in this sense they liken it to the behavior of those who passed during the Jim Crow era.

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Further, Khanna and Johnson point out that passing isn’t limited to race.