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Many experts surmise that Congklak may in fact be the oldest board game ever.Due to its widespread popularity, enthusiasts have developed numerous web sites documenting various versions of the game. Another good web site, lists 279 names of the game found through their research.As you surf through these web sites, it's fascinating to see how each country or culture has its own customs relating to the making of the board, who can play, as well as how and when the game is played.Together with the items they brought to sell, these traders brought bits of their culture along with them as well.These included religion, language, foods and textile traditions.In Sulawesi, historically, the game was reserved for play only during grieving periods, after the death of a loved one.

It was considered taboo to play the game at any other time.Some sites feature on-line versions of the game as well, if you'd like to play with other enthusiasts around the world.On the topic of online congklak, it has been suggested that congklak inspired games may begin to appear in online casinos, which already offer traditional games such as sic bo and Baccarat.In Java, the game is known as Congklak, dakon, dhakon or dhakonan. In Sulawesi, the game is referred to as Mokaotan, Maggaleceng, Aggalacang and Nogarata.Historical references to Congklak refer to the game played by young girls of Javanese nobility.Much to my surprise, my previously held belief in the Indonesian origins of this game was shattered when I saw a Congklak board in a cultural display organized by the African Women's Group in Jakarta some years ago.