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It is not a secret that Online dating has already become normal for millions of people all over the world.You are not limited by your place of residence any more. P-DRAM's mission is to extend boundaries in your search for love, in particular, to help single women and men in their search for love and a partner and also those already in relationships and marriage.

We have a great time in this Group and would love to keep it that way for everyone. God bless us all don't post any nude download no bad comment to others member .post simple sexy pic .u not will follow the rules can leave the group or else I remove u in my group and don't feel hurt if I saw the nude post I report your post...that's all thank u very much ..bless at all..///////Admin Sheng Your sweetness is my Weakness Welcome everyone, rules to follow =no bad post,nude pictures not allowed =no argue or fighting =no adds-if you see someone you like to add go directly to the person acct. No naked pictures are allowed No racism No politics No rude behavior Use english language only If you have any complains you can message always our love admins. *NO INSULTS *NO FIGHTS *NO DISCRIMINATION *NO POST ABOUT VIOLENCE PHOTOS OR VIDEOS Meet and Greet.. Hope for those who want to find their true love will find here in this group. * Use English Language only only to your post and comments. *No display of personal mobile phone number; Emails; Skype; Imo; Whatsapp ,etc. Creators: *Nhor Ramos Co creator: *David Roger Wood Founder: *Sheryl Osorio Co founder: *Muhammad Hadi President Jason dravid Vice President *Charito Encallado Head Admin Verder Belonio Admins: Mary Grace Bordios Ann Aim Chiara De Asis Vineet Arora Analyn Victoriano * NO FAKES ID * https:// https:// ââ¬â¬â¬â¬â¬â¬â¬ADD or Follow ME & LIKE MY PAGE FIRST THANK YOU READ BEFORE YOU JOIN IT WILL HELPS YOU TO BECOME A GOOD CITIZEN OF FACEBOOK https:// ''USA to DATE where AMERICAN SINGLES MEET'' This GROUP is exclusively for Filipina WOMAN and Caucasian MEN. Feel FREE to post PHOTOS discussion topics and IDEAS about LOVE and DATING are also welcome.

The admins are here to make sure that everything is ok and have the authority to ban any member who does not behave according to the rules. All profiles will be checked before added to the group. Whether you are single, in love, engaged or married, there is no age, no boundaries for sharing our experience of life. This is a CLEAN GROUP, so please STOP posting nude pics,sex videos or any inappropiate This is 3rd ASIAN & FORIGN DATING AND MARRIAGE , This group for looking LOVERS& HUSBAND , only the real and right person here belonging to this group... This forum is here for the purpose of meeting new friends, creating relationships, networking, sharing ideas making contacts, having fun and most importantly strengthening the bond between Nigerians and our darling country South Africa.

If there are photos, likes, interests, groups etc that shows extreme religious views, pornography, discrimination or other uanacceptable behaviour, that person will not be added as a member. Posting wearing SWIM SUIT and BIKINI for the beaches and pool are ok... Please take note that this forum is not strictly for South Africans and Nigerians but for the entire African continent and beyond, so everyone is welcomed to be part of it. Be Polite to Others I Made This Group So People Around The World Can Interact With One Another! No cussing at people if you have any issues please contact me lucy neill faust 3. If your here just for sex please don't be on this page this is just for people wanted relationships 6. Have fun and be friendly and considerit A place to meet new people, and hopefully you get to find that one person you been looking for. Pretty girlsâ¤Handsome boys in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)â¤KSA âââââââââââââââââââââââââ we have only one rule: ((give respect to get respected)) .(¯`v´¯) ..`â¢.¸.â¢Â´ (â̮̮Ìâ¢Ì)..(â̮̮Ìâ¢Ì) ./â\ â¥/â\ Creator ⸠Joseph Max ⸠Nude, sex photo and video not allow to post The status and comments should written in ENGLISH, respect one another avoid hitting and fighting.

= speak english that everybody could understand =respect each individual. ( See RULES below )This is a group where primarily Filipino and Asian women can meet North American men , for friendship , dating , or marriage . just write down his name " James Welch " in the section where you comment . * No posting Nude photos and videos *No posting advertisements or business links *No bad comments or rude comments. *Kindly show respect to other members and to all admins and creators *We accept religion,but this is not a religious group,so please respect all other religions by not posting too many religious memes, posters and pictures,etc Also, please be aware that the group is strictly 16 only . Posting of nude PHOTOS, foul words, fighting and arguing, or FAKES PROFILES are NOT allowed. No porn pics or site to be posted not even half nude pics also no asking members for sex FACEBOOK is a social media not a sex site. No course language but abbreviating then so your technically not saying them are allowed words like damn and bitch and other words like that are fine as well. No advertising other groups without asking a admins permission if a admin allows you to share a page or group mention their name when sharing the group or page so other admins knows you have permission from that admin. No racism or any verbal abuse no stalking other members also no being homophobic take people for who they are gay straight bi or lesbian 5.

= be friendly and respectful =girls no flirting =you can bring friends or add but please screen before adding anyone here not following rules advice to leave or authomatic reject,delete,remove or block. Hello and welcome to this group The rules are simple I created this group for you to meet new friends so please speak in English only no add me comments and no Skype or phone numbers to be posted and no nudity allowed and And no advertising you also must be 18 or older to join this group if you have any problems with another member in this group please contact me or one of the admins thanks a very warm welcome from the #creator peterpan i create this group for those who's looking for a friend and partner in life,hope you guyz will find your soulmate here! take note: dont post any nude pic respect your co members post(no bad words) used english so that foreign people can understand and participate us no posting advertising of business 18 only and lastly respect our admins! ( However the group is inclusive to people from all countries ) The language of use in the group is English . * People who break the rules will be warned , or banned depending on the severity of the offence . While you write down his name his profile pic will show up below your comment . After you do that his name will be highlighted , often in blue . You must have a profile pic because we dont know if your fake or not 6 Dont just ask to ask guys or girls to add you its sexist you either add both sex's or no one.

Our dating group is the right place for you to start with!

:-) to the Love Crosses Borders international Dating Group!ɪf á´ ÊɪKá´ Fá´N á´Êá´N Já´ÉªN ɪᴠ~Godbless all & enjoy~ ---Founder--- Aim Renzcil Alderite Helping people.their happiness and how to build good relationship .foreign and Asian. Speak English because it is a common language so all members understand. Thank you for being part of this group, we truly hope you r experience will be positive and memorable. Admins SA MATURED WOMEN DATING NIGERIAN MATURED MEN WELCOME TO: FIND YOUR DESTINEY LOVE AND ROMANCE AROUND THE WORLD... No adverts, No links,promoting sites or groups No rude behavior Always speak english And use englidh language only ..... Just be yourself, be respectful and respectable one.. Join meeting and gaining friends and find 1 pure love. Rude Cheating Naked Post & no business advertisement .. Make instant connections and find friends, romantic partners, or your soul mate. Also offers dating advice, tips on how to maximize a personals listing, and a guide to meeting the right person. This group is about for all the people who wants to meet their soulmate,true love,destiny, new friends and for all who wants to share their views on post and pictures!!!! But please dont be abusive, just simply read and follow the group rules. Join us grow the circle of friendship and love Open group to those who wants to meet people in different countries.. Matchmaking, personals, interest groups, and local events for singles living in or near large metropolitan the best way to meet singles in your city or around the world! Dating This group is for sincere men and women in Asia and around the world to meet each other. It is our experience that age-limits make young people lie about their age. Empowering people Positive Positive ETC We also discuss topics relating to business, beliefs, moral values, cultures, marriage and marriage ideas (but nothing personal please) but you can be personal if you want to (optional) and you will always be advised accordingly. You must be 18 years of age and above before joining the group.. We prefer they show ther real age and stay with us in a decent group rather than they join groups with no rules. No one is allowed to discriminate or initiate fight in the group. Youthâs empowerment, Education, entrepreneurship and a whole lots more. This is not an add me kind of group or posting ads.. Love is not based on race, culture, class or where you were born.