How to stop pc updating

18-May-2015 12:49 by 7 Comments

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After reading your article, I found KB3035583 and uninstalled it. I ran the GWX control panel on my new Windows 7 laptop before using Windows Update for the first time. Last time I tried, it still hadn't stopped searching even after 40 minutes, Any thoughts?Coincidentally, it was installed at the time the problems began. I felt I needed to protect myself from all the Win 10 stuff before running Windows Update. Sick and tired of Microsoft trying to shove things down our throats.

In preparation for that, back in April, Microsoft released an update (KB3035583) for Windows 7 (Optional) and 8.1 (Recommended) that is called the But what if you are one of those users with zero interest in the Windows 10 upgrade?

I was so excited about Windows 10, but after doing the update found it obstructed my ESET Protection and somehow was preventing printing from any internet source: Drive and webpages would no longer load to print. Tried to talk to Microsoft to see if they were aware/had a bug fix but never got a human.

No surprise there considering the release just happened. I didn't like the looks of Win 10 plus it was slower than Win 7 and my Internet speed suffered as well.

Since KB3035583 was released as an Optional or Recommended update based on your OS it might not be installed if you avoid those types of updates.

If that is the case then you have no further action to take.

This is definitely one of the best sites I've seen for Windows operating systems.

They sent me the upgrade, but I'm running Windows 7 Pro and my system was running fine until they sent me this update that I now know how to uninstall, so thanks again!As far as Microsoft's Media Center's, I don't even use them.I just stick with Real Player and Media Player Classic.and I don't know how but they were listed as statistical or Analytical data and the User that uploaded was "NT Service" so riddle me this how can I, someone whom has had training and certifications "accidently" Upload something on a service that I did not create (a Default service that Microsoft created) and be able to view those uploads from a Windows 7 Machine You are having a laugh arent you ? so you are implying that if you have files on onedrive, its all ok for MS to broadcast them to all and sundry.I have absolutely detested my latest laptop since i found onedrive and the bloody annoying GWX on it, I DO NOT want onedrive and i certainly DO NOT want to be spammed CONSTANTLY with an ad prompting me to take up a crappy offer.For this reason, until the issue is dealt with, I am advising people to refrain from updating to W10 at the moment. I actually just reverted back to Windows 7 after jumping through a series of hoops. It has so many conflicts, very poor driver support, is a memory hog AND records and uploads a great deal of confidential user information and there is no way to completely shut that part off.