How to avoid russian dating scams

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How to avoid russian dating scams - Myfreelivechats com

It’s easy to miss clues when you want something badly or are terribly attracted to someone, but be wary of her quick devotion and regular pattern of messages that progressively become more intense.

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When it comes to cons that are artful and exacting, Russian dating scams win the prize.They generally use one of two approaches to capture their quarry.Some send out a blitz of messages to numerous prospects and hope to reel in a small percentage, while others just focus on one or two victims.By this time, you are so smitten and she makes the request seem so reasonable that you may miss the fingers of the scam that is grabbing you.The bait starts small – she needs money to get a visa and a passport.She will, of course, pay you back because she has a job waiting for her in The States and this is just a “small loan” to get her started. Apparently, due to some financial issues she does not have money for her ticket, but she can’t wait any longer and wants to see you now.

You send it, only to find out that she can’t come just yet because of some trauma on her end that requires more money – from YOU.One thing Russian scammers avoid like the plague is ‘meeting’ their query in live-time mode, so let your dating site help protect and keep you safe.The Top 10 Best Dating Sites staff are your guides to the world of online dating websites and services.But be forewarned: the reach of Russian dating scammers has grown to include Western women, as well.Scammers generally find their targets on dating sites.This stage usually takes anywhere from 10 days to several weeks.

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