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But I am, however, a professional photographer, who brings you images from the battle zone known as , and the pit was brutal for Incubus, with many crowd surfers, police taking action and a few fists thrown from men and women.Sunday night was the end of a beautiful weekend in Kansas City that brought us many concerts.

While I waited I talked to security, and my pal Sherwin, who works a lot of concerts, told me to expect a very wild crowd ,similar to Rockfest.

Now they are on tour with Incubus, and Spirit frontwoman Liela Moss told me that the guys in Incubus are nice, and the Duke Spirit is happy for the exposure.

This review is written by a non-professional writer.

To say that Moss has stage charisma is an understatement: she struts, poses and even plays harmonica and maracas.

It became so crowded so quickly around the sides of the stage I had to get in front of the barrier just so I would be there in time to shoot.

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Our food supply has become so contaminated with artificial concoctions that are passed off as food that we don't know how to feed ourselves anymore.When I arrived about an hour prior to the gates being opened for KRBZ's Buzz Under the Stars show, a line of people stretched around the block, and the scalpers were in full force.I thought he was full of it because I thought it would just be lots of screaming girls.Up close, Boyd looks like a young Anthony Kiedis, and he goes full out jumping and wailing with a lot of emotion in his performance.Incubus played all their big hits: "Drive," "Megalomania," "Anna Molly" and "Love Hurts." They knew how to pace the crowd by starting fast then playing some acoustic songs, and even mixed in their cover of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy," though the crowd couldn't have gotten much crazier.• You (): I think there's someone in my house Mandy P. ('): Ive iust aot out of serious relationship n now im lookin for a nice guy to come by :))) You (): They're gonna kill me!