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in which Andrew Lloyd Webber tried to find a lead actress for his West End version of The Sound of Music.

In 2005, Norton moved to the BBC and began hosting the Saturday evening reality TV series Strictly Dance Fever on BBC One, as well as a new comedy chat show, Graham Norton's Bigger Picture.

In 1996, Norton played the part of Father Noel Furlong in three episodes ("Hell", "Flight Into Terror", "The Mainland") of the Channel 4 series Father Ted, which was set on the fictional "Craggy Island" off the west coast of Ireland.

Father Furlong was often seen taking charge of the St. After this early success, Norton moved to Channel 4 to host his own chat shows including So Graham Norton and V Graham Norton.

In May 2010, he stood in for Chris Evans' breakfast show on BBC Radio 2.

Later that month, it was confirmed that he would be replacing Jonathan Ross's Saturday morning slot on the same station.

is an Irish television and radio presenter, DJ, comedian, actor, and writer.

He is a five-time BAFTA TV Award winner for his comedy chat show The Graham Norton Show.

This was followed by a comic quiz show on Channel 5 called Bring Me the Head of Light Entertainment, which was not well received as a programme, but did enhance Norton's reputation as a comic and host.

In 1996, he co-hosted the late-night quiz show Carnal Knowledge on ITV with Maria Mc Erlane.

(2007), The One and Only (2008) and Totally Saturday (2009).

Since 2007, Norton has also been a regular host of The British Academy Television Awards.

The format is very similar to his previous Channel 4 shows.