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In a Two XChromosomes subreddit, user okcookies wrote in to fume about an overheard conversation between two coworkers, in which both men sincerely stated their belief that "the darker the vag the more dudes she's been pounded by."In another archived thread making the rounds this week, another user wrote of her frustration that "a lot of people seem to be under the impression that a female's anatomy changes drastically with every sexual experience she has." This includes but is not limited to the length and color of her labia.

Not everything will fade with time, but there will be some improvement."Horror stories about "whores with sleeping bags for vaginas" are just that—stories.On Reddit, numerous users attempted to dispel this myth with convoluted arguments about porn ("pornstars get railed more often than most people on Earth, but many of them have small labia") or dubious racial stereotyping ("by that logic, dark skinned people have the most sex").But, to paraphrase an old adage, on the Internet, nobody knows if you're a medical expert or a 13-year-old with a "Female Body Inspector" t-shirt."During orgasm, the labia will become engorged with blood, which will make them appear larger and darker, but this is not long-lasting.""Scientifically, there isn't [any evidence]," agrees Pradnya Pisal, a consultant gynecologist at the London Gynecology clinic.She says that there are only a few times in life when the appearance of the labia change: during puberty, weight gain ("if you put on fat, you put on fat everywhere else as well, and that will change the way the vulva and labia appear"), and most crucially, pregnancy.To settle the debate once and for all, I spoke to a few professionals to see if the labia can indeed turn many colors, not unlike Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."There is no evidence that the labia undergoes any permanent changes as a result of having sex," says Dr.

Toli Onon, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in the UK.Oh, but were there a labial middle ground between granular judgment and complete amnesia.This week, two viral Reddit threads highlighted an enduring truth: Nobody actually knows anything about the female labia.Photo via Flickr user Miran Rijavec"Pregnancy hormones certainly affect all the tissues [in the body], so there is deposition of fat and sometimes there is a lot of retention of fluid," Pisal explains."The color [of the labia] changes from pregnancy, with some increase in deposition of melanin in certain cells of the body.It’s always been hard for parents to talk to their kids about sex.

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