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They enter the expo where multiple Nathan look-a-likes are lining up to get a blowjob from Trindle.

Nathan reveals in an interview that he is, for the first time ever, dating a fan.Guest Voices: Drew Pinsky, Amber Tamblyn & Werner Herzog Songs included: "Rejoin" At a press conference discussing their new album, the band do nothing but fool around, and Nathan constantly quips his new catchphrase, "That's doable." Unexpectedly, the band is accused of racism by a reporter; soon, the media is in a frenzy, and Offdensen scrambles to salvage the situation.Meanwhile, Toki has become resentful of the band due to his constant exclusion, and resolves to start his own club, which Murderface is not invited to join because of his mustache, which he has grown out of control.Donning the outfits in the darkness of the stage, Dethklok is finally revealed onstage in white robes and pointed caps, in front of a gigantic white lowercase "t" (Toki's club logo).Murderface rushes onstage shortly after, having shaved his mustache into a toothbrush mustache and now resembling Adolf Hitler.He accidentally trips over a wire and sets the "t" logo on fire, creating a burning cross.

Enraged, the crowd attacks as the burning logo collapses.Offdenson arrives in a helicopter and rescues the band.In the end, Trindle's fleshy face ends up in Nathan's.The youth center opening is a catastrophe and Dethklok flees, causing Nathan to quip upon fleeing "This is SO not doable". Guest Voices: Byron Minns Dethklok's new album begins shipping to countries all around the world and is believed to increase employment and the global economy.Pickles and Nathan begin their "Friender Bender" where they drink all around the world.During the heart of World War II, in March of 1943, cryptoanalysts at Britain's code-breaking center have discovered to their horror that Nazi U-boats have changed their Enigma Code.