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Ganga cams com

Vata is the functional force of movement, pitta of transformation and kapha of cohesion.

Dambar Bahadur, who hails from Nepal and had come to Tehri few days back, along with his friends went to Naithana bridge on Alaknanada river.

The origin of surgery is in fact in Ayurveda and dates back to 400-200BC to a sage by the name of Sushruta, known by modern surgeons as the Father of Surgery.

The tradition of surgery has mostly been lost in Ayurveda so if surgery were to be prescribed, a modern medical surgeon would usually be recommended.

Nitesh lost the grip of the rope and got carried away.

Unfortunately, his life jacket also came out," said Station Officer Laxman Jhula, Amarjeet Singh.

In any event some form of treatment can be prescribed, be it curative or palliative.

Ayurveda physicians have been known to treat various cancers at various stages using the methods described earlier.On Thursday around 4 pm, when the raft was near Garud Chatti, Nitesh entered the river and held the rope of the raft with his one hand."Meanwhile, one of his friends stood on the raft and started clicking photographs.After taking some photographs, he climbed on the boundary wall of the bridge to for "a better background to the selfie" and fell in the river.Ayurveda is considered to be the most ancient holistic healing system in the world today.Depending on the disease and its severity, a course of residential treatment may also be advised.