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Clearly, thieves are the issue and those who steal don't typically make a habit of taking worthless things. Why would you expect people incapable of generating their own content to be able to deliver?

Druck and comedian Nat Baimel started the Twitter handle @Fit Jew earlier this month, highlighting some of Ostrovsky's borrowed material, but crediting the original creators."Any 'aggregator' could easily amass that same influence while keeping the creators' names in there. He needs his [social media] accounts suspended." "Being a comedian or a writer is a job just like any other.To see someone this devoid of talent get rich off of almost exclusively stolen material while the people having their stuff stolen struggle is infuriating. "CAA, like all talent agencies, is interested in money. But hopefully, if all this puts enough of a stink on him, they'll start to care.I replied to his post [with ' You motherfucker. Stealing someone's words and ideas and presenting them as your own is a major violation.When the thief is then paraded around as comic gold and handsomely compensated for what is ultimately other people's art, it's even worse.If your kid stole another kid's art project and said, ' I made this! ,' would you proudly put it on the fridge and hand them an ice cream cone or would you encourage your child to create their own work instead of taking credit for someone else's ideas?

Same goes for a colleague taking credit for your project at work. "He should either publicly apologize, delete his media presence and crawl away or start writing checks to each and every person he stole from." Original Joke: "I wrote an article explaining why the excuses people make to justify plagiarism don't work.

Cutting and pasting is not a talent." [Editor's Note: Ostrovsky had signed a development deal for a pilot with Comedy Central earlier this year, but the network told that it now "has nothing planned with Ostrovsky."] "Hopefully CAA can help Josh realize every comedian's dream to one day become a successful model. Josh should join the battle against ISIS and work some of that fat off being a good Jew.

Maybe there could be a show about a guy who is always rewarded for bad behavior. "The joke Josh Ostrovsky stole from me will be in a comedy special that I have coming out this January.

He'll fail eventually,' exhibit the kind of apathy that has led to basically every bad outcome in history." Original Joke: "It only became harmful as soon as his behavior was rewarded with a TV pilot because that means money went to him that could have gone to a real comedian.

So there is some comedian out there with an undeveloped idea because Josh Ostrovsky scammed Comedy Central into thinking that he has real talent.

I was hoping to convince a few friends to unfollow the guy, but I didn't expect the post to get shared as much as it did.