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However, Matt gets turned off by Lilly's new look and stands her up.(Lilly and Matt reconcile at the end of the episode after Miley was found liable for Lilly's suffering in the Teen Court.) Lilly's celebrity crush is Orlando Bloom.

She is currently in the series dating Oliver Lilly is seen in the first season as a tomboy and wears a lot of hats but not so much during Season 2 and 3.

She is also very athletic and loves skateboarding, surfing, hockey, and cheerleading. Lilly and Miley have an especially close friendship.

She's considered the tomboy with a sweet, kind, and optimistic personality. Although they often have fights and disagreements, they always manage to restore their friendship, making it all the more stronger.

On "Sweet Home Hannah Montana" Lilly and Miley live together. Lola is Hannah Montana's right hand man, always at her side.

When playing Lola, Lilly experiments with many different extreme styles such as bold patterns and vibrant wigs.

Lilly does cartwheels and backflips whenever she is excited about something such as getting asked to be someone's girlfriend in "My Best Friend's Boyfriend" and getting to go to Washington D. Episodes which significantly deal with their relationship include "Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret? ," "You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit is About You," and "Cuffs Will Keep Us Together." In Season 3, Lilly moves in with Miley after her mom moves to Atlanta for a job.

Miley and Lilly consider themselves sisters because they are so close.

She met Oliver in Kindergarten and has been best friends with him ever since.

She lives with her mother Heather Truscott (Heather Locklear) in Malibu.

Lilly proudly declares to be singing "I Got Nerve" to which Robby replies, "You sure do." Despite being somewhat of a tomboy, Lilly is also seen to be very concerned about her appearance.

She refuses to enter a skating competition after her dog eats her Contact lens and doesn't want to be seen with her horn-rimmed glasses.

In the episode "More Than A Zombie To Me", while at the beach, it is shown that she is wearing a bikini under her cover-up.

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