Eddie cibrian dating leann rimes

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Eddie cibrian dating leann rimes

Brandi and Dean were visiting their spouses on location, and simultaneously read their body language, guessing the affair.

When they got up to leave, Dean even had his hand on her backside. Dean and Brandi are currently starring in a new show, “My Kitchen Rules,” an Australian import, which centers around competing dinner parties."You do have a nice ass, it's very grabbable," Sheremet responds."They were definitely in their thing and you and I were flirting because we saw [what was happening]," Brandi continues.I dont know if you remember this," says Brandi, referencing a time the two were out at a bar with their then-spouses in Canada.At the time, both Brandi and Dean realized something might be going on between their other halves.If you're not going to respect what it stands for, you have no right to wear it," he revealed in 2015. The revelation comes after Dean says he received a threatening letter from his ex's lawyers, reminding them of the confidentiality agreement they agreed to when they split.

During the interview, they both discuss the cease and desist letters they've each gotten in the years since splitting from Rimes and Cibrian -- with Dean mostly complying and Brandi totally blowing them off.

Looks like Eddie Cibrian and Le Ann Rimes weren't the only ones getting handsy outside the confines of their marriage vows.

In an exclusive preview of what is sure to be one very interesting podcast of Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, the former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star commiserates with the country singer's ex, Dean Sheremet, while revealing they actually flirted with each other while the affair was going down.

They were definitely in their thing, and you and I were flirting because we saw [what was happening].

It was just a whirlwind of craziness.”The duo’s marriages crumbled, and they remained friends, offering each other support during their embarrassing public divorces.

Brandi Glanville went on to reveal that Eddie was still living with her for nearly a year while he was “dating” Le Ann Rimes.

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