Dream analysis on boyfriends dating other women

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Dream analysis on boyfriends dating other women

I have lashed out in my sleep and hit him as well as shouting out loud.I wake up shortly after feeling very angry and hurt. I also had a dream two nights ago that I caught my mum cheating on my dad in front or me.

This stems from you having lack of trust in your partner too and maybe not seeing yourself as someone that he would consider taking the long haul with.Your boyfriend probably doesnt remind you often enough that you are his number 1 and that you are the only special thing in his life or busy schedules are too neglectful.You may have arguments with him in waking life about trust or fidelity.what does this dream mean If you have had such issues in your real life before too as your boyfriend tends to flirt with other girls, the dream is a direct result of what you feel.However, if this is not so, the dream is showing that you have insecurities that you may lose your boyfriend or he may be interested in someone else.I keep having dreams where my boyfriend is cheating on me with different girls (recently with girls from his university where he studies drama).

He is always either kissing or having sex with them right in front of me, aware that I am watching.

me my boyfriend his friend and a girl I hate from school were all together driving around in a car, during my dream my boyfriend wasn’t paying any attention to me and kept talking and leaning over to talk to the other girl and at the end of my dream he opened the car door for her and called her beautiful.

after that happened I started crying and I could feel my heart breaking but he was acting like it wasn’t a big deal and that he didn’t care how upset I was, please help.

It is probably a nudge from the dreamer's mind that it is time to release the old feelings and move on.

Dreaming of a boyfriend cheating means you are finding signs to lose trust in him. Do you find him doing activities that are outside the normal routine?

I got angry and dragged her off the random man she was having sex with, slapped her then started hitting the man.