Discussion topics for dating couples

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Discussion topics for dating couples - Live house voyeur cams

filthy rich or dirt poor I have a friend that's great at asking "would you rather" questions. But it can be fun to put creativity into coming up with different scenarios to choose from.

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What follows are some ideas, but certainly not as creative as this could go!

, whether we're going "out on the town" or staying in for an at-home date. I loved the beginning, when we were simply friends learning each other's favorite color or favorite type of music.

There's nothing like that quality time and intent in discovering the intricacies of the other person. But there is still so much we can learn about each other; so many ways we can still grow our intimacy through conversation. indulgence Beyond favorites, there's something about knowing if a person prefers a mac or a pc (for example) that can be so telling about personality and how they tick.

What would you do if a tornado came toward you while you were driving? What would you do if someone broke into your home while you were there? What would we want to happen to our kids if we both died in a car accident? What would you do (with job, home, kids, etc.) if I died? If, after an accident, you were kept alive by machines, would you want me to sign a DNR? They can be a good checkpoint for our personal faith walk, or for our faith walk as a couple/family.

Sometimes spiritual questions seem like they're meant to be left to Bible studies, but they easily have place in our daily conversations.

"); usually, however, it helps to actually write a couple questions down.

Just 3-4 to put in my purse or in my pocket and refer to when we start looking like that elderly couple in the restaurant that remains in silence throughout the meal. Really, once you get started with one or two, it's easy to progress the conversation naturally.

How do you prefer to take a break at the end of the day?

You'll get the link to all of my current free downloads in your welcome email.

I broke these down into 10 basic themes to help you start thinking about your own questions to bring up on date night.

Talking about favorites is an easy, fun, and neutral way to start any conversation.

All it takes is a couple questions to get that going. These are similar to favorites and can be expounded on, but are great for rapid-fire, too.

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