Did ellen page dating joseph gordon levitt

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Did ellen page dating joseph gordon levitt

I feel like they would have looked for people that were less unexpected, if that makes sense.You’re in this position because you’re an awesome actress, because of your talent and the quality of your work.

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His work in “Brick,” “Stop-Loss” and, especially, has given a new trajectory to his career and made him restless at the same time.Inception is quite possibly the most anticipated movie of the year and hits UK cinemas 16th July.The hype is mainly due to the man behind the camera, Christopher Nolan who is responsible for one of the highest grossing movies of all time, The Dark Knight.Leonardo Di Caprio leads an extremely deep cast — there are seven Oscar nominees in the film — but Nolan says that Page and Gordon-Levitt more than held their own.“They were simply outstanding,” the director said last year on the London set, “their performances are key to the film and some of the best work I’ve seen.” But more than their work in any single film, Gordon-Levitt and Page are interesting because, in an era when vacuous celebrity and recycled concepts are ascendant, they are talented actors of serious ambition.Our friends at Upbeat got to interview the the cast of Inception and have been kind enough to give them to us for you, our lovely readers.

Below is the interview with Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Ken Watanabe and you can see our previous interview with Christopher Nolan here.and Charlize Theron and took an animal-watching adventure.Joining Leo today were his costars in the movie Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who headed to Europe without his new girlfriend, Devon Aoki.“I’m listening to a lot of vinyl records and it’s not some hipster, retro thing …The other night my friend and I just lay down on the floor and listened to Joni Mitchell and [Radiohead’s] ‘Hail to the Thief’ and to Leonard Cohen.Yes, sometimes off-set romance happens, but not nearly as often as the general public seems to assume. Where she might have developed a friendship with Levitt, he would not be someone she would be romantically attracted to.

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