Diagnosing organizational cultures validating a model and method

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Diagnosing organizational cultures validating a model and method - dating thessaloniki greece

This creates a sense of ownership and responsibility toward the organization.

Three aspects of adaptability impact an organization's effectiveness.

This allows high involvement organizations to rely on informal, voluntary and implicit control systems, rather than formal, explicit, bureaucratic control systems.

In the model, this trait is measured with three indexes: Empowerment: Individuals have the authority, initiative and ability to manage their own work.

Thus, many of these organizations, by insisting on utilizing the staffs for participation, decision making and team working, were able to progress ahead of their competitors and gain superiority for their organizational adaptability [9, 11, 15, 16].

It was found that the relation between organizational cooperation (working as a team and developing capabilities) and organization adaptability (making changes, customizing and organizational education) is of great importance and leads to a positive result for many organizations [9, 10, 11, 16].

One of the most prominent features of the sporting world is the continuous changing of sports organizations [1].

Their success lies in their ability to adapt to the world outside of sport which is not achievable expected with flexibility of the staff and by increasing their capabilities [2].

To achieve strong cooperation in the work place, the organization needs to work with various companies that have effective features including property, quality and customer satisfaction [8-10].

They must be able to adapt to the frequently changing requests of the environment which will lead to a high degree of return on investment, profit and etc. Staff must collaborate and work together in their decision making, creating work and training programs in order to get exceptional results.

Adaptability: Despite some of the natural advantages of well-integrated organizations, they can also be the least adaptive and the most difficult to change.

Internal integration and external adaptation can be at odds [21].

The research domain was Physical Education Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran.