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At a bar, Minnie and Kimmie decide to pose as prostitutes.They fellate two boys in the bathroom, but the next day they agree it was a bad choice.

But when Kim becomes addicted to the plant and pursues a dangerous relationship with a local boy she thinks might be gay, it puts everyone at risk.

It was critically acclaimed and ran for six weeks in March-April 2010.

The success of the production helped convince Phoebe Gloeckner to give the film rights to Heller.

Minnie runs away from home in disgust and begins seeing a risk-taking lesbian, Tabatha.

When Tabatha brings her to a drug dealer, having told him that Minnie will have sex with him for the drugs, Minnie returns to her family.

BFFs Kim, Momo and Bella are bullied by boys at school while their teachers do nothing.

On top of that, Kim secretly confesses to Bella she thinks she was born in the wrong body.

Charlotte discovers Minnie's audio diary, and confronts Minnie and Monroe.

She decides that Minnie and Monroe must now marry, which Monroe agrees to.

Minnie's stepfather, Pascal, calls from New York City and invites Minnie to live with him, but she declines. Minnie and her younger sister Gretel ask Pascal for money, and though he is irritated, he sends the family a check. Minnie and Monroe take acid together and Monroe has a bad trip, convinced they are being watched.

During the trip he tells Minnie he loves her and she realizes that she no longer cares for him.

In 1976 San Francisco, 15-year-old aspiring cartoonist Minnie begins keeping an audio diary.

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