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Pure Chat also offers apps for i OS and Android so your team can respond to customers from anywhere. Davanagere is a market for grain and cotton and is home to a major textile industry.

That is why it is essential to maintain harmony and the atmosphere of love, mutual respect and understanding in the family.First and foremost, one needs less money to support a small family.Parents who have only one child don't have to work much and therefore they can spend more time with their son or daughter.What is more, marriage contract can determine property rights and duties of spouses as parents.It is very convenient that spouses can change their marriage contract during their marriage. However, some people say that a person who concludes marriage contract shows that he or she does not trust his or her spouse.In my opinion, big families are better than small ones.

Firstly, when there are two or more children in the family, they are used to helping each other and sharing responsibilities.And finally, it is difficult to feel lonely when one has a big family.However, some people say that they would prefer to have a small family.Some people like big families, while others think that small families are better.As someone has rightly said: "The family is the nucleus of civilization".I've added Pure Chat to my site, but don't see the chat box. You may not see it because you’re looking at a version of your site that's not updated. Learn more about setting up a hosted chat page here.