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This generation is afraid of love, and I blame it on the lack of traditions and culture.I have found that being a Greek-American is a great barrier when I date. Perhaps, it's my loud, screaming family scares the boys away.

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Or maybe it’s because boys need to ask for my father’s permission to date me.My agapé love is a love most people don’t seem to understand.I have grown up in an old-school Greek household where tradition is everything.But I do think the idea of finding another person to share your life with is the most amazing, beautiful journey you can go through. Let’s understand others, and understand that not everyone has the same heart as you do. Here are some pointers on some of the most common stumbling blocks If you start off in the first stages of online dating with a greeting like “Hello, sweetiepie”, or “My beloved Stephen”, it’s more likely to make the other person withdraw than to make them feel closer to you.People today are accustomed to thinking of love as only a feeling, but that is not the case with agapé love.

Agapé is love because of what it does, not just because of how it feels. I think once we admit we love someone, we abandon the walls we spend our lives building, and we are out in the open: exposed and naked.

It could be that you’ve fallen into one of the traps of email dating.“Dear Pauline - that’s unbelievable, I like white-water rafting too!

” An attention-grabbing way to start an email, certainly …If someone needs simultaneous translation to understand what you’re saying, then there’s something wrong.

Your mode of expression needs to be readily comprehensible.

For every person you see with a box of chocolates and bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day, you will hear someone else complaining about the cheesiness and commercialism of the holiday.

It devotes total commitment to seek your highest best, no matter how anyone may respond.