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As far as professionals go, here are the top 3 male dating coaches that know you’re doing wrong when it comes to dating men.Evan Marc Katz – Evan Marc Katz Blog Best Advice – “Identify and leave the undesirable ones, attract and keep the good ones” I met Evan several years ago at an Online Dating conference.

His recent book Get the Guy is a call to action to single women – take the initiative to meet men!This is what it takes to get to me.'” When it comes to what a man needs in a relationship, Steve chalks it up to 3 simple things: support, loyalty and sex.He needs to know that no matter what you support him and his endeavours, you are loyal to him, and you will provide him with his ‘cookie’, as Steve calls it.Having been single for so many years and finally finding his happily ever after, he can speak from a place of understanding and experience.Evan’s TED talk advising women how to avoid bad dates in the future is a must watch.For the past 20 years, matchmakers and dating coaches throughout the United States included Psycho Matrix Personality and Spirituality Inventories as a unique dimension to their matchmaking service.

Over 15,000 singles gained a deeper understanding of themselves and what they bring to their relationships.With your guidance, your clients learn how these Personality and Spirituality Factors effect finding, creating and keeping loving and lasting relationships.The Psycho Matrix Personality and Spirituality Inventory Package is 0/client. Each package includes guidelines and instructions for the matchmaker/dating coach and client.Conversations between a client and his or her matchmaker/dating coach make the Personality Inventory (NEO) and Spirituality Inventory powerful additions to the matching and dating coaching process by helping matchmakers and dating coaches understand their clients’ values and personality styles.These insights are useful to determine relationship goals for successful matches.Evan is also a big believer of online dating sites.

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