Dating your roommate

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Dating your roommate

In general, it's probably best to date for at least six months before making this decision, though.

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So dating your roommate is best done on a short lease, or a lease set to soon expire.

Under any other circumstance, you might take a chance and ask a crush out, reasoning that a simple rejection is the worst that can come of it.

But if you take such a chance on your roommate, things can get pretttttty awkward if he or she doesn’t feel the same.

Recovering from a bad hangover, we inevitably end up in a each other’s arms on the couch one evening.

It feels amazing, but we have to set clear boundaries right away.

That’s why I was in for a huge surprise when my apartment rental service for the summer also turned out to be a spot-on matchmaker.

Here is how a summer affair with your roommate unfolds in 10 steps: I still hadn’t met him for a few days after moving in.

Many times we think we know how another person feels, especially when we're hoping for a particular answer.

We read into things, take cues that don't exist, and make assumptions about the priorities of others.

If You're Already Dating…Moving in with a stranger can make for a very difficult and uncomfortable living situation.

So if things seem to be going well with your significant other and you've been spending most of the time at each other’s places anyway, it might be worth your while to have a roommate you know.

You can renew a lease a million times, but signing an agreement for less than a year – or refraining from making a move until you can see the light at the end of the tunnel -- gives you an escape route no matter what may happen.------------------While your friends may warn you that dating your roommate is a bad idea, it's nearly impossible to shut off your emotions when things just feel right.

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