Dating vintage clothing tags

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Dating vintage clothing tags

I received brand new liner as described by seller, received ahead of projected arrival date.Outstanding summer, spring, fall camping /backpacking blanket.

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This way, I've got a pair for work and a second pair for the range. After trying two set of boots I found these in my size. These are the lightest boots made for the military. I've used Altima boots for decades and they produce a comfortable and long lasting boot at a reasonable price.If these ever wear out, I'll definitely be looking to order more. I'm glad that I read the previous reviews and got a size smaller.These boots are very warm and my feet never get cold in them.If weight is not a issue, it would be foolish to go with another product.As far as the team of Mc Guire, they are top notch. We live in Minnesota where it gets -20 every winter (it was -18 this morning) and I have NEVER had cold or wet feet. Fits fine and is a quality product and best of all - IT WAS MADE IN AMERICA! This Polartec jacket is well-constructed and built to last. Excellent quality, and Gore-Tex material is perfect. I have some commercial pants more expensive and less quality. First of all, the sizes are not off as many reviewers have pointed out.As for Mc Guire Army and Navy store their pricing was reasonable and I received my boots with very little wait time.

I would do business with them in the future and recommend them to others I took it out in Alaska with just the inner liner and it was a little cold in the fall by itself, but also backpacked it sheep hunting with all three sections and it is great.

Yes, it's a little heavy for backpacking, but well worth the little bit extra. They arrived clearly in used condition; however, they were very clean and in perfect working order.

When you have all three pieces you can tailor it to meet the vastly changing weather conditions that can pop up overnight in Alaska or many other places. Purchased two of these, and they arrived very quickly via standard shipping. On each one, when I popped the latch I could hear a long hiss of air - evidently the rubber seals are working as intended. The fit was perfect I was able to grab use my tools and use them Without fumbling around. I recommend them to anyone needs a good pair of work gloves I first became aware of this product six years ago when I was bedridden and needed a toilet next to my bed. After a few years the foam started to wear out and dust was getting in. Then found some new revisions on here Perfect fit for my medium 7 1/8 noggin.

As long as I have these, I will never buy a different boot brand again! Finally, I have received several comments on the coat, some from complete strangers!

The only thing to be aware of is that the coat will ship folded up in a bag, so there will be a lot of creases that need to be pressed out.

Mcguire Army Navy Sales Team Great hats at an amazing price. They're not soft, but not so rough as to be itchy (and I'm really sensitive to that).