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It was purchased by the faience factory Aluminia in 1882.

In 1868, as a result of royal companies' privatization, the Royal Porcelain Factory came into private hands. I have several years of experience in worldwide online sale and shipping of Danish china and porcelain figurines.One of our major area is porcelain collectibles of animals and figurines from Dahl Jensen, Bing & Grondahl and Royal Copenhagen - all preowned and most discontinued for many years.We ship as soon as payment clears and will confirm with a tracking number.You can check tracking status at this homepage: Purchase guarantee: I try to describe the items to the best of my knowledge and as accurately as possible.We also do offer a wide range of dinnerware from the Danish manufactories such as Royal Copenhagen patterns of Aluminia Tranquebar; Blue Flower, Saxon Flower, Blue Fluted, Flora Danica and Bing & Grondahl patterns of Empire, Eranthis, Seagull, Christmas Rose.

I understand if ordering and sending payment overseas the first time can be a big step.The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory was established May 1, 1775.From the beginning, each porcelain item was marked with three waves symbolising Denmarks three straits: the Sound and the Great and Little Belts.In December 2012 Axcel sold Royal Copenhagen to the Finnish listed company Fiskars, which was founded in 1649.The tradition of Christmas plates started hundreds of years ago in Europe, when wealthy people presented their servants with cakes and sweets, served on decorative plates of wood or metal at Christmas time.Please don't hesitate to call ( 45 44914455) or email for references or recommendations by customers or dealers in your area of the world.

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