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It was very frequent that the child of a god and a mortal was made god or at least had superficial powers.Let's take the example of Hercules, the son of Zeus and mortal Alcmena.

For example, nymps of the sea lived in the waves and nymphs of the forest lived inside the boles of the trees.

Y., who accidentally developed a method of producing cream cheese while trying to reproduce a French cheese called Neufchatel.

William Lawrence distributed his brand in foil wrappers from 1880 under the name of the Empire Company.

There were also special gods for feelings and situations, such as Themis for justice, Via for violence, Eris for discord, Hebe for youth, Hypnos for sleep, Mania for insanity and many others.

The gods would usually mate to each other or with mortals and have children.

Note that these myths constituted the main theme of the ancient plays written by famous play writers, like Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides.

The most ancient works to portray the mythology was certainly Iliad and Odyssey, dating from the 8th century BC.

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At first, Greek mythology stories were transmitted orally and they were usually narrated in the form of songs.

Only in the 5th century BC was the Greek Mythology written down in plays.

Although he was not considered a god, he had inherited some extra-human powers.

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