Dating and engagement customs in iran

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Dating and engagement customs in iran - dating ariane pics

OK I will admit it; I felt and still feel all peachy, fuzzy and giggly inside for the interest!It is important for me to share our rich culture along with our wonderful recipes on this blog.

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At times the young duo may be strangers, their parents may know each other, or the two may have actually met on their own.

This is what Persians refer to as This first meeting generally takes place in the afternoon over some tea and sweets at the girl’s home.

This small and intimate gathering is attended by the parents and siblings of the interested parties and at times the grandparents.

Seriously though, my grandmother didn’t even need to change her last name as her husband had the same last name!!! I can’t even remotely imagine being married to any of my first cousins, seriously!

Fast forwarding a couple of generations the rules of the games have changed in some aspects but certain traditional customs have remained the same.

For us modern Iranians it’s hard to believe that their marriages were actually arranged and often took place with members of their own family.

Indeed, my maternal grandparents’ marriage was arranged.

My grandmother and my grandfather were actually first cousins; their fathers were brothers. Maman Fakhri and Baba Hashem were married when they were young and had two kids together, my mom and my , uncle.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet my grandfather as he passed when my mom was little.

Persian mothers are not shy when it comes to networking for marriage purposes.

It’s not uncommon to hear Iranian women talk about their children and tell each other “about how so and so has a nice son or daughter.” Regardless of the circumstances the parents of the man make the first step in arranging a meet with the girl’s parents.

Some people choose to get married within a few months of their engagement while others will wait a little longer.

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