Dating a silverface amp

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Dating a silverface amp - turkey pornostsrs

The upper back panel is a NOS replacement, the bottom is original.

Clean finish with minor scuffing on the corners, clean decal, shiny metal parts. It’s an 8” speaker version, with a bigger voice than the earlier 6” models. Light corner wear on the tweed, otherwise in excellent condition.Tweed is in excellent condition, as are the grill cloth and handle.The Steel is also in excellent and original condition. Found locally, this Fender Champ steel and amplifier set is 100% original, complete, and in perfect working order.Original hardshell case, with original fender-branded polishing cloth, patch cord, slide and picks. No changed circuitry but for a newer rectifier tube, this Champ does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. Serial # 36652, Jensen P12R coded 220913 (early 1959), Capacitors and tubes also dated early 1959.The GA-20T was Gibson’s answer to Fender’s popular Deluxe model.Tweed covering is in better than average condition, with rips only at the corners. Tube chart code: OK; transformers, pots and caps all dated late 1965, Speaker dated 11th week of 1966.

The Blackface Princeton Reverb is the amp everyone is after these days, and it doesn't take much time to figure out why.

These low-wattage combos are big enough for band practice volumes, but small enough to offer all the tone in the world at useable volumes.

They feature Fender's luscious spring reverb and vibrato, and are easy to transport to practice.

Original footswitch and output transformer provided. There is not much out there that sounds as good as this thing does when you inch up the volume past half-way.

In pretty much original condition, this amp has been well serviced and has had the following minor changes: Original Jensen P-10R's have been re-coned, the power cord has been replaced with a grounded plug, the standby switch, presence pot, and speaker jack have been changed.

New reverb pan and choke, new old stock speaker, and replaced AC cord, along with the usual caps and a couple of resistors. The 6G2 Princeton was introduced in ’61 in a brown tolex 12 watt combo.