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These princesses no longer had access to financially-potent men willing to spend gaudy sums on their vacuous lives, so DABA was formed as a support service for depressed young DABA girls.Dating a Banker Anonymous – Reaction This caused a sensation, as you might imagine.

Well, DABA tells us something about our times and our culture, as well as the kind of falsehoods that can be perpetrated on the unsuspecting singletons out there in Internet Land.

Crowell was recently canned by her employer, the online fashion channel Style Caster, because DABA had become too much of a distraction. "It's a character," says agent Rebecca Gradinger, "but it's a little bit of them as well." Just not as much as everyone thought.

Online Dating Scams and Hoaxes Back in January of this year, we were treated to the “Dating a Banker Anonymous” hoax, courtesy of the DABA Girls and their unintentional helpers at The New York Times.

The DABA Support Group turned out to be 30 New York City women who knew one another and dated in the same social scene, but who never really got together for formal support sessions.

The stories were described by the DABA women themselves as “satirical” and “enhanced”, meaning they made up the stories from their common experiences in the New York City financial sector dating mileau.

Last month, Dating a Banker Anonymous broke out as the hated, irresistible Website du jour, and it has earned its self-pitying, gold-digging authors some national press, not to mention promises from Hollywood agents of a "Real Housewives"–style media franchise. Crowell and Petrus fill the blog with a liberal mix of their own experiences, anecdotes from girls they meet out on the town and stories from people who e-mail the site, which they make no effort to verify.

But hold on a minute—are the DABA girls even for real? DABA cofounder Laney Crowell tells NEWSWEEK that what The New York Times and many other outlets portrayed as a serious Web site is, in fact, a full-blown parody by Crowell and her sidekick Megan Petrus, a Manhattan lawyer. Often the DABA girls invent fresh details for maximum satirical effect.Online Dating Scam Artists So keep an eye out for these things.One instance of odd behavior might be explained away.Readers of the New York Times flooded the paper’s editors with venomous attacks on Dating a Banker Anonymous.Next thing you know, publishers were contacting the four creators of the Dating a Banker Website and hoping to sign them to a book deal.Borderstanians: I happened upon this Web site–Dating A Banker Anonymous–in the course of some economic research at work.