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while skirting the Motion Picture Production Code of 1930 which forbade a film from containing such content. Maybe scandalous back in the day,but very tame by today's standards.

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There's a cosy, nostalgic value in these old films, even if they're as somewhat hamfisted as this one.Would you like to know how compatible you are in love and sex with someone? If you've played all the other moron, idiot, imbecile, impossible ...What is the chemistry like in an existing or potential relationship? This is an adult themed quiz full of interesting, unbelievable and hilarious questions. If you add two numbers in "Puzzle Luplus" and become 10, a block disappears.If so, then his role here only scraps his bombastic direness as an actor. I just read about one of those old time producers, turns out these type of films were created deliberately to sound "helpful" but in reality were the producers way of getting smut into regular theatres. My grandmother told me the same thing, and that NO BODY bought the idea that these were educational unless you were very ignorant.Basically, only southern bumpkins bought the idea that these films were for real.Also, if you are interested in the rich, uniquely American history of exploitation films, there are two excellent books on the subject: "Forbidden Fruit - The Golden Age of the Exploitation Film", Felicia Feaster and Bret Wood, Midnight Marquee Press, 1999. What do you know about him from your reading not movies.

I grantee to you that if you know him well, you will never accept such words about him .

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the leatherboys at the homo clubs love to listen to the queeran while doing each other. For that matter, talking pictures were still young.

please, get your tongue out of your anus and quit filling up a movie review site with pleas to join your silly delusions about a medieval pervert. The acting and screenplay was okay for that time for such a serious topic that the major studios, MGM, Fox, alluded to, but could not actually speak of.

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