Couchsurfing is not a dating site

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Couchsurfing is not a dating site - dating site for parents with kids

Couchsurfers are some of the coolest people I have ever met.

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The one I have the most experience is – Couch Surfing, so I will explain what it is, how to use it, and give some suggestions and my experiences. They don’t want to spend 30-60 minutes on filling out their profiles, and because of that they have small chances to find a host or a surfer.Before you start, be aware that there are no rules as such (same as with hitchhiking), but since people ask me about travel advices, I hope this article will help them. Basically, CS is a free online hospitality network. Think of your profile as a CV – if you make it good and attractive, chances of getting a job, or a couch, are much better.You make your own profile on their web site, and you have two basic options: offer some traveler(s) a couch in your city, or try to on someone’s couch, somewhere in the world. Try to fill out every category, upload at least a dozen of pictures and present yourself through those things. And to do that, you have couple of options – you can attend local CS meetings/gatherings in your own city (or wherever you are), or invite someone from CS on a drink, maybe they will be your CS friend and give you a positive reference.In that same weekend we went Urban spelunking, cycled around ghetto areas of D-town and even gave free hugs to homeless people. Despite Couchsurfing strictly NOT been a dating website, a lot of people do meet their other halves through couch surfing.I have dated many wonderful people through this site and probably will in the future.Thanks to couchsurfing I have spent many a night dressed as a Zombie, or at an 80’s party or wearing a crazy wig or dressed like an absolute chav. ) I have spent a day face painting for free while dressed as a clown.

I have made a human pyramid in central Edinburgh and re-enacted scenes from Braveheart!!Since joining couchsurfing I have done some whacky things. I have posed butt naked with 300 others for a Spencer Tunick installation in Dublin.With the help of 5 loyal friends, I have spent over a week making over 300 handmade Valentines cards which we later handed out in local hospitals and on Grafton street in Dublin to unsuspecting passers-by.You can read the article here and make up your own mind.This post is not going to be one full of snide remarks damning the author (although that does sound like fun) writing paragraph after paragraph about how wrong they are and how their attempt to campaign for the closure of an active and positive community is both naive and a leap too far.I have been proposed to at 8am in the morning in the middle of Dublin city.

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    Well, one reason is because a lot of times a popular site like that one will get an established community of users that gets kind of old or boring, and you will want to branch out and find a new community of people that maybe have a different sort of culture or a different set of interests on average.