Consolidating music files mac

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Consolidating music files mac - costas mandylor dating

Open a new Finder window and navigate to the Music folder in the left sidebar again.

Quit i Tunes once again and eject the external hard drive holding your new i Tunes Library.

Exactly how you do this varies depending on which version of OSX that you have.

The concept is the same but the step by step pictures will look slightly different.

This means that i Tunes will be accessing each song directly, wherever it may be on your computer.

This also means that i Tunes will locate all music on your computer and add it automatically, making the i Tunes consolidation process much faster than manually adding music.

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Get Organized Consolidate i Tunes Library Community Q&A When you consolidate an i Tunes library, you’re essentially telling a software program to group copies of all music on your computer into one i Tunes music library folder.

The i Tunes program, as installed on Macintosh computers, is set to consolidate by default.

If you’re running i Tunes off another operating system, such as a Windows computer, you’ll need to manually set the i Tunes library to consolidate.

There’s a hidden merge option in the Finder, but it only works sometimes.

Apple also includes a terminal command to merge folders a different way.

This will make sure all the music, movies and other files are actually located in the i Tunes Media folder that will be moving to your external drive. Under the i Tunes Media folder location you will see a path to the files you are about to move.

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