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A high level of quality in both material and technique occurs regardless of a text's geographical origin, production method (printed or manuscript), or text block material (paper or parchment).

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This period was chosen because it represents a time of radical change in the production and distribution of books, and because in many ways bindings from this period have survived better than their descendants.The survey was designed to address three basic research questions: "Workmanship," in the context of this survey, refers to the technical skill and choice of materials that go into a binding and affect its longevity.The most important aspect of a bookbinding is the sewing structure, since it holds the pages together. The exterior elements of a binding, the boards and the covering, protect not only the text block itself, but also the sewing structure and the endleaves. Are there differences between bindings of manuscript and printed books during the period when printing was first developed?The first goal was to contribute a small body of systematically gathered and carefully synthesized data to the existing knowledge of fifteenth-century European binding technique, in the hope that it might assist others in the identification of bindings of similar date and provenance.The second goal was to observe binding structure and condition from the point of view of a conservator in order to enhance our collective knowledge of durable and stable binding techniques.By the turn of the century, commercial printers and booksellers had produced and distributed an unprecedented number of books throughout Europe.

The owner influenced the type and style of binding, paying more for extra decoration or higher quality materials.

By analyzing the methods of book construction of a particular place and period, we refine the process of dating and locating the origin of bookbindings, perhaps revealing clues about book distribution and provenance.

Knowledge of historical bookbinding structure is important for book conservators as well as historians.

The survey instrument for this study emphasized the use of standardized choices to maintain consistency and to facilitate conversion of the data to a computer database.

When unusual features warranted further description, drawings and notes were made individually.

In designing the instrument for this survey, those of several other researchers were compared and then assessed according to the goals set for this study.