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He did it with a perfect ear for dialogue combined with a Swiftian vision of social structures, and did it all as an argument *against* ironic detachment, for which this film and its messages needs to be revisited now more than ever.

Like, I don't know what it would be today, Ashleys or I don't know, but yeah, it was always Heather. I learned I just try to create roles that no actor can play so that way the actor got to come to the role instead of me coming to the actor., an adaptation of the 1989 my-teen-angst-has-a-body-count classic starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. " from a girl at camp, running into Slater at a phonebooth, and how wrong he was to think Jennifer Connelly would have made a better Veronica than Winona. I knew "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw" would get some attention. " — it's so funny, I was a camp counselor in Toronto, and there was a little girl who would always say "What's your damage? And they cheered tonight, after the vomit and Veronica goes 'Lick it up, baby, lick it up," and everybody starts cheering like it's this greatest line of all time. spoke to screenwriter Daniel Waters, the man behind the film's one-liners ("Lick it up, baby. " and I completely stole it from her and I feel like, you know, she's probably like 35 by now and she must be like, walking around like "Wait, I made that up! The role had been tailored with someone else in mind.I'd just come off Girl, Interrupted (1999), which was a labour of love for me, so it was a difficult adjustment.It has suffered criminal neglect, probably because it may have required an "indie auteur" to really knock the cinematic elements out of the park. Still, the star is the writing, and Waters deserved an Oscar for this script.

Unsentimental, vicious, and above all hilariously funny, he drove a stake through the heart of those oh-so-precious John Hughes films and, at the same time, set the stage for Kevin Williamson and all the rest. I have a feeling in a couple weeks it's going to be, "Hey, you know, that musical is based on a movie."Was "Heather" the name you always had in mind for the movie? I always kept that in mind because for some reason Heather was just — it's hard to remember exactly at that time, the '80s, that Heather was name for that girl. I wrote a short script in college and it was about a girl who gets accused of being a witch and burned at the stake at halftime of a football game, and there were three popular girls and I just named them all Heather.Her May-December screen romance with Richard Gere in Autumn In New York (2000) has come in for some withering criticism - not least for the improbable gap of 23 years between her and Gere.And while her predecessors insisted age wasn't an issue, Winona is the last person to defend her latest film: "I wasn't part of the artistic collaboration because I was hired last.When you fight with your boyfriend, you start acting - it's like work. Usually they have a problem, or they're fucked up, or they're recovering," says the actress who recently parted company with rocker boyfriend, Beck after six months.

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